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I'm the only one who keep confusing that teacher from the television series, Glee, with the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, aren't I?
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This might be the project to force me to get over my (irrational) fear of sewing machines. I'll add this project to the list of "After the move" projects I want to start, but shouldn't, because my time is better spent packing for the move.



My brother-in-law's wedding is in two weeks. I'm contemplating braiding my hair using this tutorial. It's a daytime, outdoor wedding by a lake in Florida. I need some sort of style that doesn't involve my hair being down. Unless I want to be more sweat than guest at this wedding.

*Currently Reading: (Nonfiction) Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies by Jena Pincott
Currently Listening to : Camille Saint-Saens
Currently Obsessed with: packing.
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* Received confirmation yesterday that my job, will in fact, end come sometime in March 2012. Not taking it personal, apparently there will be no grants given in 2012.

* We are also apartment hunting. After two years of duplex living I have learned that apartment living is a better fit for me. Plus, kind of tired of living in a place that develops a weird mold every time the temperature dips below 75 F, which probably has something to do with the fact our floors are exposed to the elements.

* And my father still has brain cancer.
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* The last, behind a cut, because it involves a spider, harsh language, and reference to drug use. And no, it's not the video of the spiders on drugs. But that is a good one.

Read more... )
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* I think I want a hair cut. I measured my hair the other day. It's over thirty one inches long now. I measured out a handful of hair that I thought would be an alright trim. It was over a foot long. Mind you, not a foot of split ends, but my brain has hit a point when it comes to hair length that a foot of hair looks like a short trim. Madness. I don't know. I've reached a point with my hair where I don't hate it, but I am not doing anything with it besides plaiting it or letting it down, which leads to a chorus from strangers marveling at my long hair.

I am tempted to go for a pixie cut again. But I don't want to rush into anything.

So for now, I stay the girl with the long hair.

* I've been on this odd 1990s kick lately. Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, listing to awesome 90s mix tapes on eight tracks dot com. These mixes are humourous to me. Playlist put together by children who were likely conceived to said play list. Someday I will make a mix tape of songs from 1979 and call it Music to be Conceived To.

*Everyday at 2pm, Monday through Friday, I have this mad craving to play the violin. I tell myself I need only wait two and half hours and the craving will be satisfied. But, come half past four in the afternoon, the craving subsides. Very odd. Although, I could go for playing the scales now, but it's much too late in the evening for that sort of thing. Unlike Holmes, I have some level of people skills.
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* Have returned from Dragon*Con 2011. Am exhausted.

*Managed to purchase preregistration badges for 2012 Dragon*Con AND reserve 2012 hotel room as well.

* All that is left is to get started on costumes for next year. Oh, and maybe get some sleep. sleep good.
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* Must learn how to make rainbow shots.

* Con crud came early for one special girl, courtesy of my coworkers who want to save their sick leave for something important. Thanks, guys, preesh.

*My Fluttershy costume is almost done. Did I mention I am dressing up as Fluttershy for this year's Dragon*Con? I'm dressing up as Fluttershy for this year's Dragon*Con. Will finish sewing cutie marks on the dress tonight and after that, I just need to make my wings, courtesy of this instructable:


and sew up an Angel bunny to carry about.
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The Good:

I made neverhomemaker's Frozen Banana Bites today. They are pretty delicious, not even going to lie. Like banana ice cream goodness, without all the intestinal distress that comes from consuming dairy. Yippy! Skippy!


The Bad:

I can walk,but stairs are a bitch and by walk I mean, move at a pace so frustratingly slow, I want to yell at my feet.

And the WTF:

And to top it all off, my lower back is spasming.
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* Dragon*Con is in a little over three weeks. I am what you would call a procrastinator. Thusly, my house looks like a cosplayer (person who dresses in costumes of various natures outside of Halloween.) exploded.

The guest room/office has become a bio-hazard area according to J. It's ground zero for my "No Sew Tutu" creations and is covered, covered with glitter.

* Still left to make: two sets of fairy wings, one and a half tutus, one steampunk Pocahontas blouse, one knit hummingbird, one airbrush tattoo stencil, one Fluttershy cutie mark...

Making this list was a bad idea. It's just a reminder of how much I have left to do!

* In other news, Facebook has finally lost it's allure to me. I'm not deleting my account. I'm just not logging into my account every day. Which is good. I am getting so much done now. Who knew those hours I spent lurking on Facebook could be put to better use?
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* The most depressing first world problem is logging onto Facebook at the end of your birthday and seeing nary a Happy Birthday posted on your wall or in your message box.

* Jonathan's cousin hopped the pond from Europe and came into town this weekend. She also brought her 19 month old daughter. I learned through trial and error that she [the daughter] understands French better than English, and spent the better part of Saturday night chatting up a baby in French.

* I am incredibly stressed right now for reasons I can not go into but wish to make note of for my future reference.
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* 48 hours until mine and Harry Potter's birthday. My birthday is on a Sunday this year, so no point in celebrating. Sundays are reserved for chores and getting things ready for work on Monday.

*Starting August 1, 2011, I am going on a spending diet for one month. No online purchases, no want purchases, only paying for need items like food and bills. Should be an interesting month.

* Life has been a bit funny lately, quite a lot of in-law family drama going on that I am not at liberty to discuss.
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* It managed to feel both maddeningly slow and rushed at the same time.

* Having read the final novel will be a handicap in understanding what the hell is going on in the film. Then again, if one hasn't read the final novel that might be a handicap too. Big plot points of the book felt like dvd easter eggs in the film.

* Even being split into two films, this is the worst adaptation of the novels, imho. I believe most will remember their experience of viewing this film fondly because of the camaraderie of the film goers bidding farewell to a movie franchise that has taken up a decade of their life and a book series that got the world reading again. Not the quality of the adaptation of the book into the film.
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* I am starting to accept the fact that Monday through Friday, if I spend any amount of time at work, I will be struck with a migraine like head by the time 11 am rolls around. Like clockwork.

Back when I first started this job, it was maybe a headache twice a week. Now, daily, Monday through Friday by 11 am.

I don't know why. Too much light? Not enough protein? I don't know. I can look at bright lights and eat nothing but cucumbers when I am home and not come down with that level of pain being in that office causes me. All I do know is, when I am not a work, it doesn't feel like my cranium is trying to stretch out my head flesh.

Fortunately, I see my primary care physician on Friday for an unrelated appointment. I'll try to sneak in the Mystery of the Work Headache in at that time.

* I was an introverted only child. So when it came time for me to learn how to make friendship bracelets and exchange them with friends...I kind of missed out on that lecture series.

However, now for whatever reason (headache induced insanity?) I have decided to learn how to make friendship bracelets this summer. I figure, one day, I might have children. Teaching them how to weave bracelets is a pretty slinkster cool thing to do.

* Received a Save the Date for my baby cousin's wedding. New Year's Eve wedding in Denver,Colorado? Oh, I am so in!
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* I am contemplating cutting my hair. Not a trim, but a full on cut. I am going to wait until after the Disney Princess Steam punk cosplay for Dragon*Con (Labour Day/First weekend of September) is over. I don't know what style I want, and it seems a waste to cosplay Pocahontas without this waist length coif.

I have yet to find a salon in Tallahassee that doesn't butcher my hair. Doesn't matter if it's Aveda beauty school or one of the high end salons where a fringe trim goes for $50. They all screw up my hair.

So I will probably schedule an appointment at a place in Atlanta since I will be up there for D*C anyway.

Granted, I only started to desire a hair cut and style since becoming sick earlier this week. It is quite possible once my head stops throbbing I might be fine with my hair as it is.

* I am sick and American. With the start of this new job, I swore that I would end any bad aka "American" habits developed during previous jobs. Like learning how not to urinate for 20 hours, going without lunch but still clocking out for a lunch break and working through, or coming into work with a 104 F / 40 C fever.

And so far, so good. I have started to eat lunch, drink fluids which end up requiring me to use the restroom on a regular basis and so far, the sky has not fallen.

But that last bit about illness is a hard one to break. I haven't been into work for two days because I am sick. I am certain any people working in my area are grateful I am not potentially spreading the plague in their department. But there is a large, nagging part of me that feels like a slacker for not going in. In my mind, thanks to the decade I have spent working, if I am not bleeding from my eyes, I should go into work.

So I sit here, fevered and hacking and sleeping for the majority of the day, fighting hard to get over the mindset that clocking in to work is the end all be all important task of my life.

* If you are not reading "Scandinavia and the World" web comic, you are missing out on some hilarious and educational comics. Note, if you are American, some strips are not safe for work.

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* If you find the weather to be unusually chilly for the season, do not panic. I merely caved in and purchased a mobile phone. Conquest, War, Famine and Death say hello.

* I'm on such a shojo manga kick right now. I am currently reading the following series: Swan, Happy Cafe and Otomen.

* Currently:

Reading: Graphic Novel/Manga - See above point; Fiction - The Winds of Khalakovo by Bradley P. Beaulieu; Nonfiction - Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley.

Making: Knitting - Cowls.

Obsessed With: Deadlines; Matcha; Doctor Who; Shojo manga
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* Saw John Waters speak on Friday. I am working on a cross stitch sampler of some of his quotes from the evening. Trying to figure out what a cross stitch glory hole would look like.

* New entry over at Operation: Become Amazon Goddess. Spoiler alert, it involves a bird who dub steps better than I ever will. http://operationbecomeamazongoddess.blogspot.com/2011/03/stats-monday.html

* Tallahassee is covered in three inched of pollen and it's around 85 F / 29 C by 10 in the morning. Feels like spring has finally sprung. Can't wait for summer, 110 F / 43 C by 8am and my shoes melting to the asphalt while I cross the street. Why do I live here again? Oh right, because I like living in a city that makes David Lynch films look sane.
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* Still not as productive as I want to be. Still dicking around on the internet when I get home from work. Might have to sit down and create some sort of schedule and give myself a time limit for daily dicking around on the internet.

* New season of Doctor Who begins on April 23rd. To prepare, I am watching seasons one through five of New Who. I don't know why I didn't watch the first season, but the rabid Tennant fans turned me off from giving seasons two through four a chance. J'adore the eleventh Doctor and the fifth season that brought me back into the franchise.

So far, I love the ninth doctor and am sad that Eccleston didn't stick around for another season or two. As for Tennant? Not going to lie, the bile rose in the back of my throat during the first episode of season two. But by episode five I find myself enjoying the season as long as I don't think about the rabid Tennant fangirls.

I also started watching Torchwood. I finished the first season and now that I know there are only the two seasons and a miniseries third season, find myself slowly watching the second season. I like the show a lot, even if the crew was too dumb to live in the first season.

* Currently Reading: (Fiction) Darkwar by Glenn Cook
Currently Making: (Knitting) Bath Puffy (Watercolour) Human muscle tissue
Currently Obsessed With: Productivity; French Macarons; Gauchos ; Doctor Who
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You know how really good pictures of food are referred to as food porn? Epic Food Time makes food snuff films.

* Going over to Skip's and Jaime's tonight to watch The Human Centipede. Jaime and I have both wanted to watch this film, but didn't want to do so alone. Fun Fact: Jonathan is going into this viewing having no idea what The Human Centipede is about.

* Panama City's Highland Games and Scottish Festival is tomorrow. I hope there is a vendor or a trusting Bodhran player willing to let me try out their drum. Everything I read online says to test out your Bodhran in real life before purchasing.

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*Had a vivid dream involving Stephen Fry. It was the 1920s in England and I had to pretend to be his valet lest the powers that be get the right idea. All rather exciting. I blame a combination of marathon watching the first season of Torchwood and a desperate desire for Christopher and His Kind to be available for watching.

* Panda Express is horrible, horrible, horrible food. As I came to this conclusion, a family entered the restaurant. The daughter was terribly excited to be eating the gourmet Chinese food that Panda Express provided. Oh, honey, no. This has got to be some form of child abuse right? No child, no human should ever think this thick, glucose covered fried bits of fried is gourmet let alone a proper example of Chinese food.

* I like my new job. But I find myself dicking around a lot on the internet when I get off from work, instead of doing cool productive things. You know, the sweet things I should be doing, like hula hooping, drumming, sculpting, writing, knitting, crocheting, running, disc golfing, sewing or drawing. Got to nip this bad habit in the bud. Even if it means creating an obnoxious schedule of awesomeness. I can not let my awesomeness slack just because I have a paying gig.
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* Cliff's going away party was a success. We watched MST3K episodes and ate from a delightful popcorn bar. (Giant bowl of popcorn, small bowls to spoon popcorn into and an expansive variety of toppings to mix with the popcorn.) It was an enjoyable but bittersweet evening. This time next week, Cliff will no longer be in town. He will, in fact, have been in California for three days at this point. I am terrible when it comes to saying goodbye. I think, because it is hard for the reality to sink in. Sure, Cliff won't be around next week, but my mind won't write him off as a California resident just yet. I'll assume he went home to visit his parents or had errands to run if I don't see him for a week. It will honestly take me a good six weeks to realize he is gone. But it's a good thing he is moving. There are better opportunities for him in California. Still, it's hard to be excited to see him go.

* I bought a hula hoop yesterday. Hoops have changed a lot since I was a child. My options were retina piercing sparkle hoop with water pocket inside to create an ocean sound when you hooped or neon yellow hoop with three touch sensory LED bands. I went with the latter since the former really freaked me out for some reason. I think I might hit up Toys R Us today to see if they have any normal hoops.

Why the search for hula hoops? I am taking up hula hooping. My plan is to work up to practicing for an hour a day in preparation for Dragon*Con drum circle and the various parties and dances that a hoop might work at. Jonathan has offered to build me a custom hoop for D*C and beyond. I accepted and look forward to my glow in the dark hoop.

*Tuesday is my three year wedding anniversary with Jonathan. According to tradition, it's the leather anniversary. We're adapting that to mean cow and using it as an excuse to eat steak.


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