May. 4th, 2011

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* I am contemplating cutting my hair. Not a trim, but a full on cut. I am going to wait until after the Disney Princess Steam punk cosplay for Dragon*Con (Labour Day/First weekend of September) is over. I don't know what style I want, and it seems a waste to cosplay Pocahontas without this waist length coif.

I have yet to find a salon in Tallahassee that doesn't butcher my hair. Doesn't matter if it's Aveda beauty school or one of the high end salons where a fringe trim goes for $50. They all screw up my hair.

So I will probably schedule an appointment at a place in Atlanta since I will be up there for D*C anyway.

Granted, I only started to desire a hair cut and style since becoming sick earlier this week. It is quite possible once my head stops throbbing I might be fine with my hair as it is.

* I am sick and American. With the start of this new job, I swore that I would end any bad aka "American" habits developed during previous jobs. Like learning how not to urinate for 20 hours, going without lunch but still clocking out for a lunch break and working through, or coming into work with a 104 F / 40 C fever.

And so far, so good. I have started to eat lunch, drink fluids which end up requiring me to use the restroom on a regular basis and so far, the sky has not fallen.

But that last bit about illness is a hard one to break. I haven't been into work for two days because I am sick. I am certain any people working in my area are grateful I am not potentially spreading the plague in their department. But there is a large, nagging part of me that feels like a slacker for not going in. In my mind, thanks to the decade I have spent working, if I am not bleeding from my eyes, I should go into work.

So I sit here, fevered and hacking and sleeping for the majority of the day, fighting hard to get over the mindset that clocking in to work is the end all be all important task of my life.

* If you are not reading "Scandinavia and the World" web comic, you are missing out on some hilarious and educational comics. Note, if you are American, some strips are not safe for work.


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