Jun. 14th, 2011

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* I am starting to accept the fact that Monday through Friday, if I spend any amount of time at work, I will be struck with a migraine like head by the time 11 am rolls around. Like clockwork.

Back when I first started this job, it was maybe a headache twice a week. Now, daily, Monday through Friday by 11 am.

I don't know why. Too much light? Not enough protein? I don't know. I can look at bright lights and eat nothing but cucumbers when I am home and not come down with that level of pain being in that office causes me. All I do know is, when I am not a work, it doesn't feel like my cranium is trying to stretch out my head flesh.

Fortunately, I see my primary care physician on Friday for an unrelated appointment. I'll try to sneak in the Mystery of the Work Headache in at that time.

* I was an introverted only child. So when it came time for me to learn how to make friendship bracelets and exchange them with friends...I kind of missed out on that lecture series.

However, now for whatever reason (headache induced insanity?) I have decided to learn how to make friendship bracelets this summer. I figure, one day, I might have children. Teaching them how to weave bracelets is a pretty slinkster cool thing to do.

* Received a Save the Date for my baby cousin's wedding. New Year's Eve wedding in Denver,Colorado? Oh, I am so in!


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