Mar. 14th, 2011

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* Still not as productive as I want to be. Still dicking around on the internet when I get home from work. Might have to sit down and create some sort of schedule and give myself a time limit for daily dicking around on the internet.

* New season of Doctor Who begins on April 23rd. To prepare, I am watching seasons one through five of New Who. I don't know why I didn't watch the first season, but the rabid Tennant fans turned me off from giving seasons two through four a chance. J'adore the eleventh Doctor and the fifth season that brought me back into the franchise.

So far, I love the ninth doctor and am sad that Eccleston didn't stick around for another season or two. As for Tennant? Not going to lie, the bile rose in the back of my throat during the first episode of season two. But by episode five I find myself enjoying the season as long as I don't think about the rabid Tennant fangirls.

I also started watching Torchwood. I finished the first season and now that I know there are only the two seasons and a miniseries third season, find myself slowly watching the second season. I like the show a lot, even if the crew was too dumb to live in the first season.

* Currently Reading: (Fiction) Darkwar by Glenn Cook
Currently Making: (Knitting) Bath Puffy (Watercolour) Human muscle tissue
Currently Obsessed With: Productivity; French Macarons; Gauchos ; Doctor Who


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