Mar. 6th, 2011

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* Cliff's going away party was a success. We watched MST3K episodes and ate from a delightful popcorn bar. (Giant bowl of popcorn, small bowls to spoon popcorn into and an expansive variety of toppings to mix with the popcorn.) It was an enjoyable but bittersweet evening. This time next week, Cliff will no longer be in town. He will, in fact, have been in California for three days at this point. I am terrible when it comes to saying goodbye. I think, because it is hard for the reality to sink in. Sure, Cliff won't be around next week, but my mind won't write him off as a California resident just yet. I'll assume he went home to visit his parents or had errands to run if I don't see him for a week. It will honestly take me a good six weeks to realize he is gone. But it's a good thing he is moving. There are better opportunities for him in California. Still, it's hard to be excited to see him go.

* I bought a hula hoop yesterday. Hoops have changed a lot since I was a child. My options were retina piercing sparkle hoop with water pocket inside to create an ocean sound when you hooped or neon yellow hoop with three touch sensory LED bands. I went with the latter since the former really freaked me out for some reason. I think I might hit up Toys R Us today to see if they have any normal hoops.

Why the search for hula hoops? I am taking up hula hooping. My plan is to work up to practicing for an hour a day in preparation for Dragon*Con drum circle and the various parties and dances that a hoop might work at. Jonathan has offered to build me a custom hoop for D*C and beyond. I accepted and look forward to my glow in the dark hoop.

*Tuesday is my three year wedding anniversary with Jonathan. According to tradition, it's the leather anniversary. We're adapting that to mean cow and using it as an excuse to eat steak.
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Jonathan: I know what this is. This is a live action remake of "The Emperor's New Groove".

Trailer: I'm going to build her a green house.

Jonathan: How can he build her a green house? He can't. He has little llama hooves.

Trailer: Insert angsty line here

Jonathan: The title of this film isn't Beastly, it's Llama Face.


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