Mar. 9th, 2011

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*Had a vivid dream involving Stephen Fry. It was the 1920s in England and I had to pretend to be his valet lest the powers that be get the right idea. All rather exciting. I blame a combination of marathon watching the first season of Torchwood and a desperate desire for Christopher and His Kind to be available for watching.

* Panda Express is horrible, horrible, horrible food. As I came to this conclusion, a family entered the restaurant. The daughter was terribly excited to be eating the gourmet Chinese food that Panda Express provided. Oh, honey, no. This has got to be some form of child abuse right? No child, no human should ever think this thick, glucose covered fried bits of fried is gourmet let alone a proper example of Chinese food.

* I like my new job. But I find myself dicking around a lot on the internet when I get off from work, instead of doing cool productive things. You know, the sweet things I should be doing, like hula hooping, drumming, sculpting, writing, knitting, crocheting, running, disc golfing, sewing or drawing. Got to nip this bad habit in the bud. Even if it means creating an obnoxious schedule of awesomeness. I can not let my awesomeness slack just because I have a paying gig.


square_root_of_pi: creepy club (Default)

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