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- expand this piece into a bit of fanfiction. No one is going to want to read it but you, and that is okay, because writing should be personal and not about the assumption that every bit of ink put to paper will make one a millionaire.


In my back story for them, Mrs. Norris and Filch grew up together. (At that time she was not Mrs. Norris, but Agatha Babbledock.)

Filch was treated quite poorly as a child, once it was learned he was a squib, by everyone but her. Too shy and lacking any sort of self esteem, Filch never made a move to express his love for her, and she in turn thought it was out of a lack of interest. Eventually, she married Neven Norris and became Mrs. Agatha Norris. She and Filch remained friends, living and working in the tiny village they grew up in.

Unfortunately, not all took kindly to her friendship with a squib. During a heated argument with her sister-in-law, wands were raised in anger and an unfortunate curse was placed upon dear Mrs. Norris, turning her into a cat with an immortal life.

Her sister-in-law tried to reverse the curse before her brother came home, but to no effect. Instead of admitting what she had done, she spread a lie involving Mrs. Norris running off and even went so far as to hide Norris family jewelry to imply she was a thief to boot.

Filch was heartbroken when he heard the news of his dear friend leaving the village without even a good bye. He decided to not go into work for the day and went home to drown his sorrows in firewhiskey instead.

But when he came home, on his doorstep sat the most peculiar looking cat. Filch was never fond of cats, so he shooed it away.

But the next morning the cat was there again, sitting on his doorstep.

And the next.

And the next.

Filch did not know why this blasted beast was obsessed with his doorstep, until the seventh morning came and he heard his dear Agatha's voice.

He ran to the door, only to find the cat sitting there.

Ready to close the door, he heard her speak again. Looking down, he realized it was the cat.

It took a few more weeks before Filch accepted he wasn't going crazy and that this cat was indeed Mrs. Norris communicating telepathically with him.

He brought her in and gave her a home.

And there's a bit involving her sister in law finding out and trying to kill her which leads to Filch and Mrs. Norris running off to Hogwart's where he got his job.

I swear, I should actually write this story out sometime, but I don't think anyone but myself would read them. I guess that is good enough.

That's my story and until Rowling shows up on my doorstep and tells me otherwise I am sticking to it!
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* It managed to feel both maddeningly slow and rushed at the same time.

* Having read the final novel will be a handicap in understanding what the hell is going on in the film. Then again, if one hasn't read the final novel that might be a handicap too. Big plot points of the book felt like dvd easter eggs in the film.

* Even being split into two films, this is the worst adaptation of the novels, imho. I believe most will remember their experience of viewing this film fondly because of the camaraderie of the film goers bidding farewell to a movie franchise that has taken up a decade of their life and a book series that got the world reading again. Not the quality of the adaptation of the book into the film.
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Remember yesterday's second attempt at t-shirt printing with freezer paper?

Well it yielded this:

Yeah, I am loving this method.The picture does not do the level of sparkle this shirt possesses justice. I did a layer of gold metallic paint, let that dry, and topped it off with a layer of glitter paint. Oh, and no, I am not the creative force behind this quote. It's actually on another less fabulous and less glittery shirt over at TopatoCo. I had some reservations, but then I realized this is the only one I am making, for personal use and practice of a t shirt printing method and felt less bad.

If you like the shirt, go purchase it at TopatoCo.com.

Oh, and the freezer paper method can be found here:



Today I am making a Golden Snitch hat.

Yes, that is a yard of gold spandex I just happened to have in my fabric stash.

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1.) I was bored, so I did a quick sketch of L from the manga/anime Death Note. The I painted using some sumi ink. Now I don't know what to do with it. I had trouble sleeping the other night, and staring at this painting at 2 in the morning doesn't help it's creepy factor.

2.) Cliff came over yesterday and he, Jonathan and I had a fun afternoon of MST3K and t-shirt making. I learned of a t shirt printing method involving freezer paper and with the power of Jonathan's airbrush, we made our Chudley Cannons shirts for the Quidditch hooligan cosplay we are doing at Dragon*Con this year.

I should have taken a picture of all three shirts. C'est la vie. This is mine. Photographs of the cosplay to be posted after Dragon*Con. Cliff even shaved his head to get into the part.

3.) I was so impressed with the freezer paper method, I am working on another shirt today.

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A sixty second sketch before my birthday weekend begins.

I think next time, I'll make the font more dream like and spirally, like smoke. Better suits Luna's voice and personality.
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J.K. Rowling has just answered a whole onslaught of post-DH question in a Web chat on Bloomsbury.com. We have reordered the questions so that it reads top-down; answers are here about the characters’ future lives, the state of the wizarding world, the other two title potentials for Deathly Hallows, and much, much, more. More than 120,000 questions were sent in; and as it’s the first time J.K. Rowling has been able to answer questions so freely in a fan chat, there are spoilers and details GALORE. Read on! But here is some…




Transcript coming:
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Finished ‘Potter’? Rowling tells what happens next
Exclusive: Author gives details on events after the book’s final epilogue

By Jen Brown
TODAYShow.com contributor
Updated: 7:38 a.m. ET July 26, 2007
Spoiler alert: This story reveals some key plot points in the final Harry Potter book. So if you've haven't finished the book, J.K. Rowling asks that you not read this story.

If you found the epilogue of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” rather vague, then J.K. Rowling achieved her goal.
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J.K. Rowling's name is Joanne Rowling?

Before publishing her first volume, Bloomsbury feared that the target audience of young boys might be reluctant to buy books written by a female author.

They requested that Rowling use two initials, rather than reveal her first name.

As she had no middle name, she chose K. for Kathleen as the second initial of her pseudonym, from her paternal grandmother, Kathleen Ada Bulgen Rowling.

The name Kathleen has never been part of her legal name.
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So begins my withdrawal from the interweb until sometime around my birthday.
Partly to avoid HP7 spoilers, partly because I am too busy getting ready to move.
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Luna Lovegood,(reader's far left, white waist length hair), FTW, and some random cast members from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Random Christin Harry Potter fandom Facts

1.Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood are my favourite OTP, IMHO, OK?

2. I wanted to be in Hufflepuff but the 8,000,000,000 online quizzes kept putting me in Slytherin. I have since grown to love my house.

3. I prefer the books to the films.

4.I am not allowed to watch the first film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone because I become too depressed afterwards because;

5. My dream job is professor at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

6. I will take July 21 through July 27, 2007 to read the last book. I will be in hiding during this time period.

7. I am a little too proud of the fact I share the same birthdate with Harry Potter (July 31,but I am one year older.)

8. For awhile I wrote Harry Potter fanfiction based on BBC News headlines. Shockingly enough those stories aren't deleted but saved on ten floppy discs which I still own.

9. I am moving on the day of the release of the last book. I have intentionally scheduled the POD storage unit to deliver the following day so I do not miss the midnight release party.

10. On my Golden Birthday (When you turn the age of your birthdate, aka June 28 and you turn 28, August 10 and you turn 10, etc.) I am having a Harry Potter themed birthday party.

11. I rationalize my obsession with the fact that I do not collect the action figures or plush toys.

12. My mum is a walking Harry Potter universe lexicon. It's disturbing, but useful for random facts.

13. I only got into Harry Potter when the first film came out. My friend Kristen and I were killing time in the mall and decided we wanted to be better prepared for a later viewing. (She had begrudgingly agreed to see it with her mum, I had begrudgingly agreed to see it with Neil(I think?).) Two and a half hours later, our lives were changed.
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A co-worker pointed out to me today that I combine my hobbies.

I love video games.

I love to knit.

My next project is to knit a scarf of level one of Super Mario Bros.


Following that logic, is this next idea any surprise?

I love Harry Potter novels.

I love cupcakes.

I am going to make Hogwart's House cupcakes!


Creme de Menthe chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache
Lime Coconut cupcakes with coconut cream whipped frosting

Snickerdoodle cupcakes with blue mocha buttercream frosting
Blueberry pineapple cupcakes with a pineapple glaze

Caramel cupcakes with toffee chips and chocolate ganache
banana cupcakes with dark chocolate chips and Butterscotch buttercream frosting

Strawberry cupcakes with lemon merengue frosting
Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese pecan frosting

(EDIT: Not up for voting, I am making one of each, kind of a light option and a heavy option for each house. I will make these after the move. Tallytown peeps will be meh lab monkeys.)

Oh, and I may or may not have been spoiled for Book 7. I was reading a celebrity gossip blog and accidentally read what may or may not be a spoiler. After confiding what I read to Jonathan, he thinks it is bogus.

I hope so.
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Link to the Deluxe U.S. edition cover of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Starting July 13, 2007, a few things are going to change in my life.

1. Jonathan will answer my mobile phone.

2. Jonathan will check my email.

Have I become a subservient woman and given in to the demands of a psychotic control freak of a fiance? No.

I have asked Jonathan to do this for me until I have finished reading the last Harry Potter book.

I was spoiled the day of the release for the sixth book.

I skimmed the fifth book just to keep up with the public.

This is the last book and I am taking my sweet ass time reading it.

So for most of the month of July, my life will be screened. Fortunately, I will be too busy packing for the move and then moving and unpacking to spend time on the phone or the internet. Heck, I will be moving on the book release day, so that saves me from internet spoilers!

Yes, I am aware of how insane this sounds. I'm not alone. There are some who are cutting out internet on July 1. I honestly don't blame them.
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British Author JK Rowling has revealed plans to write another 'Harry Potter' book.

The seventh novel, 'The Deathly Hollows', due out in the summer, will bring the young wizard's adventures to an end, but Rowling has said she might write an eighth for charity.

The 41-year-old writer wrote on her website: "I might do an eighth book for charity - a kind of encyclopedia of the world, so that I could use all the extra material that's not in the books."

The book would allow fans a further insight into the world of Harry Potter and his friends, including details that were not included in the best-selling novels.

Rowling has already penned two Harry Potter reference books - 'Quidditch Through The Ages' and 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them'.

The books raised more than £15 million for British charity Comic Relief.

The magical tales of Harry and his Hogwarts pals have made Rowling one of the highest earning writers ever, and one of the richest women in the world with an estimated fortune of £576 million according to Forbes magazine's annual rich list.

As well as Comic Relief, the children's author supports numerous charities including medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières.



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