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- Bitching on Facebook -


I have caught the plague from co-workers, whine, whine,whine.

I sprained my ankle, whine,whine,whine.

My job makes me sad, whine,whine,whine.

Mum's Response:

A nice cuppa should do the trick.

The secret to her mad parenting skills, ladies and germs.

Either it will seem like a good idea, and you'll put the kettle on, or you will be so thrown by the idea of tea solving whatever drama is going on, that you will forget said drama and go put the kettle on.

Either way, there will be tea.

This might explain why an entire cabinet in my kitchen is dedicated to nothing but tea, but I don't have a medicine cabinet.

1938 - 2002

May. 2nd, 2011 07:57 am
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Nine years ago today:

The world lost a compassionate professor;

Tallahassee lost a great leader;

and my husband and his family lost a wonderful father.

The world is so much less without you, Dr. Charles E. Billings.

You have no idea how much you are missed.
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This is not the Birkin bag I met.

I met an Hermes Birkin bag this weekend. Photographic proof to follow. Not coincidentally, I came out to my family as a designer bag aficionado. (Aficionado sounds much better than addict.) My fashionista sister in law was so proud.

You won't find me spending the rent money on the latest trendy designer bag dangling off the arm of your average sorority girl. My specialty is the rare bags, only available to the rich or famous. I appreciate these bags like an art student appreciates a Matisse or a Dali. Sure, it would be great to have one in your home, but you are just fine admiring this work of art at the museum.

(Note, I would not say no to a gift of a designer hand bag.)

What is an Hermes Birkin bag? In a nutshell, a $10,000 - $16,000 bag designed by the company Hermes in honour of the British-born, France residing actress, Jane Birkin.

Even if you happen to have 10 to 16K to spend on a handbag, there is still a three to five year waiting list you have to get on.

Also, The Birkin bag as it is known, if one of the few designer hand bags that increases in value over time.

This information, and more flowed out of my mouth when my mother in law asked what the big deal about this bag was. Normally, I am the quiet, sophisticated,intellectual and deep wife of her third born child. I couldn't help myself. I mean, to quote Samantha from SITC, "It's a fucking Birkin!".

It's a complete status symbol thing. Yes, the craftmanship is great, the leather is fabulous, and the lock on the bag is better than most household security systems, but it is still just a handbag.

And yet...

Oh, how I love the Birkin bag.

Don't judge our love. It is pure and good.
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The "Wham, Bam, Thank you, M'am." Winter Tour 2007 of the Hellmouth went without a hitch. Now I am back in dear old tallytown, where I am freezing my toesies off.

(I went from 80 degree weather in the Hellmouth to the current temperature of 35 degrees.)

Today, I will go to the grocery store and get ingredients for Christmas Eve dinner. (Salmon steaks, steamed asparagus, something the Frugal Gourmet calls "Christmas Eve Pasta" a dish consisting of penne pasta, cream sauce, fresh peas, red bell peppers and onions. It certainly looks festive.)

An exciting addition to the meal and my life, "Grandma cookies".

This has to be the best winter ever because I received the sacred "Grandma cookies" recipe. (For my own personal gluttony and not commercial use, of course.)

I have been gorging myself on these morsels of love and awesome since the first Christmas I knew belismakr and first stumbled upon the "Grandma cookie".

And what is a "Grandma cookie"? At it's root definition it is a sour cream cookie with icing, but that simple definition does it no justice.

When you first bite into a "Grandma cookie" you notice the delicate crunch softening by the delicate schmear of icing. After that you feel the flaky soft inner cookie play with the mons of your tongue. At this point, if you are quiet enough, you can hear your taste buds sing the second verse of Handel's "Messiah".

Yes, they are that good.

Today I will make my first attempt at recreating the "Grandma cookie". Personally, I think the reason they taste so incredible is due to the amount of Grandma love she puts into each cookie. Here is hoping I can replicate that love.


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