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- expand this piece into a bit of fanfiction. No one is going to want to read it but you, and that is okay, because writing should be personal and not about the assumption that every bit of ink put to paper will make one a millionaire.


In my back story for them, Mrs. Norris and Filch grew up together. (At that time she was not Mrs. Norris, but Agatha Babbledock.)

Filch was treated quite poorly as a child, once it was learned he was a squib, by everyone but her. Too shy and lacking any sort of self esteem, Filch never made a move to express his love for her, and she in turn thought it was out of a lack of interest. Eventually, she married Neven Norris and became Mrs. Agatha Norris. She and Filch remained friends, living and working in the tiny village they grew up in.

Unfortunately, not all took kindly to her friendship with a squib. During a heated argument with her sister-in-law, wands were raised in anger and an unfortunate curse was placed upon dear Mrs. Norris, turning her into a cat with an immortal life.

Her sister-in-law tried to reverse the curse before her brother came home, but to no effect. Instead of admitting what she had done, she spread a lie involving Mrs. Norris running off and even went so far as to hide Norris family jewelry to imply she was a thief to boot.

Filch was heartbroken when he heard the news of his dear friend leaving the village without even a good bye. He decided to not go into work for the day and went home to drown his sorrows in firewhiskey instead.

But when he came home, on his doorstep sat the most peculiar looking cat. Filch was never fond of cats, so he shooed it away.

But the next morning the cat was there again, sitting on his doorstep.

And the next.

And the next.

Filch did not know why this blasted beast was obsessed with his doorstep, until the seventh morning came and he heard his dear Agatha's voice.

He ran to the door, only to find the cat sitting there.

Ready to close the door, he heard her speak again. Looking down, he realized it was the cat.

It took a few more weeks before Filch accepted he wasn't going crazy and that this cat was indeed Mrs. Norris communicating telepathically with him.

He brought her in and gave her a home.

And there's a bit involving her sister in law finding out and trying to kill her which leads to Filch and Mrs. Norris running off to Hogwart's where he got his job.

I swear, I should actually write this story out sometime, but I don't think anyone but myself would read them. I guess that is good enough.

That's my story and until Rowling shows up on my doorstep and tells me otherwise I am sticking to it!
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Over on rabble there is a review of the anthology I am published in, Other Tongues: Mixed Race Women Speak Out (Inanna Poetry & Fiction series)  edited by Adebe Derango-adem and  Andrea Thompson.


My piece gets mentioned in the review. To say I am excited, well, let's just say I am excited.


Although the bit about "describes herself as half-Cherokee" has me on the defense. The other pieces mentioned in the article, the identities of the authors aren't referred to as "describes herself as this or that.".I am so used to people assuming I am either Italian or Latina that when my identity is revealed it comes as a shock because I don't "look Indian/Native American". It also doesn't help matters that whenever someone claims Native American they shoot for Cherokee. Trust me, I would love to claim I am half Sioux or half Aleut just to avoid the side eye accusation that I am just another person wanting to be a unique special native snowflake. 

I'm probably just hyper defensive, right?
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Today is Hourly Comic Day! Draw a comic chronicling (really spell check, that is how chronicling is spelled? If you say so.) every hour of your day today. When you are done, you can post your comic over at the forum on Hourly Comics.


This is the first Hourly Comic Day I have been aware of before it takes place. Usually, I remember the next day, and while it takes a while for people to post their comics, I felt weird hoping onto the train so late.

It's my first year participating. I'm a little nervous. A lot of people who participate are professionals and thus their talents dwarf my pathetic half assed attempt at drawing significantly.

Right now, I am in a weird state emotionally thanks to HCD. It's been forever since I've picked up a pencil to draw, and today I decide to document the entire day in comic form. A bit like deciding to run a marathon when you haven't gone for a jog in weeks. So I feel excited to be drawing, but mad at how crap I am at drawing, then ashamed because my drawing is crap due to lack of practice and who do I have to blame for that? Yeah, me.

I'm going to use today as a spring board back into daily drawing. I read a book about writing that suggested for the days you don't write, you have to sit down and write a minimum 250 word excuse as to why you didn't have time to write that day. The logic being, if you are taking the time to write out your excuses, you might as well just write whatever you were working on anyway.

I want to apply a similar application to drawing. On the days when I don't take time to draw, I have to draw a comic explaining why I didn't have time to draw that day.

I don't want to be the best writer or the best comic artist out there. But I do want to be the best writer and best comic artist I am capable of being. Does that make sense?
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The Good:

I was published in the anthology "Other Tongues: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out" Edited by Adebe Derango-adem and Andrea Thompson.

You can find it at Amazon.com, BarnesandNobles.com, and Borders.com.




The Bad:

It is already sold out online.


Overall, I am still in a state of shock over this. I am aware that there is a book, with an ISBN number that has a piece of my writing in it that anyone can purchase. (Well, anyone can purchase when they do another printing!) But there is a large part of me that can't believe this really happened.

Sure, I have been published before and I have even been paid on a regular basis for my writing. But this is the first time I am in anthology that can be found in bookstores in the United States and Canada.

This victory is pushing me to work even harder on my craft. I don't want this to be a fluke publication, but the first of many. I don't expect every piece I submit to be accepted. Every writer knows rejection is part of the deal, no matter how talented or connected they might be. But I am writing on a regular basis again and that is what matters most.
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Welcome to Zombieland article:


Go. Read. Now.

I'm going to go pass out now. I've never felt like a more dedicated writer than I do right now. It might not be as dedicated as using my body fluids as ink, but it's close, in my opinion. (I'm tooting my own horn because I met deadline while battling a fever and lethargy that refuse to break.)


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