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This is the dress I will wear as a bridesmaid in Skip and Jaime's wedding in November. For those of you who aren't from Australia, New Zealand or Florida, don't worry. I won't freeze to death. Our fall is a warm spring day for you.

But I still need shoes.

I'm leaning towards purple. Is that weird? Purple slouchy high heel boots. Should I chose a shoe in a similar colour to what is in the dress?

Definitely some sort of high heel, boot, or high heel boot.

Any tips from you fashionable and/or opinionated folks out there will be greatly appreciated.
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Skip and Jaime's wedding is in 22 weeks. As a bride trooper I have been given free reign for what my outfit will be. I was going to wear a Utilikilt, but I am too fat to wear one. They don't come in my size. So, the plan has changed. Unless I magically lose 15 inches off my waist in the next 22 weeks.

Opinions appreciated.

I'm leaning toward one of the following:

The Probably Most Appropriate for a Wedding Section:

Betsey Johnson Evening Sequins dress
(Honestly, I want this dress even if not for the wedding.)

Betsey Johnson Burnout Stripe Organza dress
(Ditto. I love this dress too.)

The Cheongsam Section
I love Cheonsam, Qi Pao, "That Chinese Type of Dress", whatever you want to call it. As much as I think I look like a bloke in a dress, I still fantasize of having a vast collection of Cheongsam that I wear on a regular basis.

Aberrance Dragon Burnout cheongsam

Lake Blue cheongsam

Traditional Dragonfly cheongsam
(The longer I look at this dress, the more matronly it looks to me.)

Xi Shang Mei Shao cheongsam
(While I do like this one, it is meant mostly as a joke. Jaime told me their wedding colours are earth tones. As in, if it exists on earth, it's an earth tone. I went for a choice that looks to have just about every colour on it.)

The Geek Section that only this bride and groom would appreciate:

The Joker Suit. Really. (But not the makeup or hairstyle. Part of me really wants to do this and photograph the bride's reaction when she realizes what I am wearing. The dark colours would be appropriate for a fall wedding.)

Pinstripe suit
(I'd like to think somewhere, Dr. Billings is looking down on this with a smile of approval. Man wore a fierce suit.)

Black Velvet Suit
(What? I look really good in velvet. I swear in a past life I was a gay man of leisure.)


The suck it up section

Suck it up and work my ass off for the next 22 weeks to lose 15 inches off my waist so I can wear a utilikilt.**


**Utilikilts are not a requirement, but from what I can tell, most of the wedding party, bride the exception, will be in kilts.
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...But wasn't paying attention to when warned.

1. How stressed out and exhausted I would be.

2. How emotionally raw I would be.

3. How I would lose my appetite. (I think my last real meal was on Monday.)

4. How my menses would start earlier and last longer and be harder. (I've been throwing up a bit. It's that hard.)

5. How I would worry about losing the groom or being ditched at the chuppah.

6. How I would question whether or not I was good enough for the groom.

7. How worried I would be about people not having fun at the wedding.

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L to R: Skip the master mind, Cliff, The Groom, and Blair

This is the before photo. At this moment Skip, Cliff, Jonathan and Blair are heading to Central Florida for Jonathan's Bachelor Party Weekend.

Jonathan, all packed and ready to go. Seriously, he has looked like this since, it hit him that tonight is when he leaves for his Bachelor Party Weekend. And that's my DS Phat he is holding in his hat. Aren't I awesome for loaning him my DS Phat? Yes, yes I am.

I'm pretty calm. Why? Because I think this is the ultimate Bachelor Party setting. A buddy road trip to Orlando, FL where they will tour NASA facilities. Followed by a trip to Orange Blossom Blvd*.

For those of you unaware of what Orange Blossom Blvd. means, it is a fuck all long road in Orlando that has, how can I put it? Many, many Gentlemen Club.

This shot is perfect. As I took it I said:

"Yeah, this is the shot we see later as the narrator says 'Little did they know..'."

Yeah they are going to see space technology and titties this weekend. And eat at IHOP. What more could a bunch of geek boys want?

*Note, I don't have confirmation that they will hit up Orange Blossom Blvd, this is merely an assumption. but come on, if you're that close, why not?
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Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC

I'm getting married in ten days and my main thought is how much I do not want to do laundry right now.

Although, going down to the laundry room to start a load, would give me a chance to check the mail.

Nope, not enough incentive.
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I am really excited and positive about my marriage to Jonathan. I really have no zen, sage news about the wedding. It's being planned. I am tired, but looking forward to it. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Need to relax? Watch this video of a dolphin making circles underwater set to violin music. Stress? What Stress?

Behind the cut, cat pictures that amuse me.

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Tomorrow, I go to the doctor to find out what is up with my insane hearing ability.
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If you are having trouble figuring out what to buy me for my wedding:

Buy me this...

...so I can make this:

ZOMGWTFBBQ! It's a giant cupcake pan!

Seriously, it's on our wedding registry. (I swear there are mature grown up items on it as well. Just not in this post.)

This Way For More Helpful Ideas:
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I am totally avoiding wedding chores right now. One, it's about 50 degrees inside the apartment.It's so cold it actually hurts to wear my engagement ring. Two, I really have no second reason.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
1998: I was working at Best Buy, playing the violin, working as a stage hand at the Polk Theatre, and preparing to go away for college.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Bitching to Nintendo about the Wii, and my status as the sole DS player in North America.

Five snacks you enjoy?
1. Blueberry pineapple smoothies
2. Clementines
3. Cupcakes, although they aren't a snack, but a gift from G-d.
4. hummus and pita chips
5. Granny Smith apples and peanut butter

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Five Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Blogging

1. Folding origami paper cranes.
2. Reserving hotel room for cousin's wedding.
3. Picking out wedding shoes, wedding make up. (Yep, I am even avoiding shopping on the interweb!)
4. Going for a minimum one mile walk.
5. Writing.

Five Things I Could Be Doing Instead of Blogging that are Fun, but Not Productive.

1. Reading Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub
2. Learning to speak French.
3. Juggling.
4. Watch more X-Files.
5. Bicep Curls.
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With less than two months until the wedding, I am forced to finally make a very personal, very important decision.

Or, to make it sound a bit more fun, it is time for me to play THE NAME GAME.

Since I am adopted, I've already gone through the name change once. Of course, I was ten at the time, and didn't have a bachelor's degree, credit cards, bank accounts and other various ecoutrements that come as one drifts further into adulthood.

I like my current last name. It's cool and you can sing it in Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" with relative ease.

Not to mention that I am the last one. Seriously, my adopted father WAS the last one, until he passed the buck onto me. Nice one, old man.

But then Jonathan has a cool last name. It's very British and my super Catholic first and middle name (Mary Christin) would slide into the forename spot with ease.

Also, if I did take his last name than my Irish twin, who is also getting married this year, and I would end up with the same married initials. Freaky!

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Every other night, Jonathan and I sit down to discuss, decide, and implement said wedding action.

Last night was Yarmulke/Kipot Action '08.

(At a Jewish wedding all males have to wear a yarmulke/kipot, no matter your denomination. Since many males attending neither own nor will realize they need to get a yarmulke/kipot to wear, it is custom for party givers to provide a giant basket of yarmulkes/kipot for the males to wear. Afterwards, whatever is left, gets donated to the local temple for temple goers who forget, have lost, don't own on to use while in said temple.)

J: Jonathan
C: me

C: oooh, look, these guys are only $1.35 each AND include free personal stitching.
J: Those are nice.
C: oh, wait, they require a 6 dozen minimum order. I don't think we are having that many males at the wedding.

(Quickly tallies males from guest list)

C: Yeah, IF every male shows up, that's only 40.

(Goes to other site)

C: Oh these are really nice, only $1.95 each with no minimum order.

J: Let's go for those.

C: (Clicks on forward link. Discovers lot of same yarmulkes/kipots.) WOA! 40 kipot for only $17!

J: (Reads and re-reads description, everything looks financially kosher.) Get those!

C: Yeah! We are a bad Jewish stereotype.

So this morning, I placed an order for 40 yarmulke/kipot at a cost of $17.

They are really cool, besides being uber cheap. They are vegan, an eco-suede, so they feel like suede but are made of recycled cardboard. I think this is the most excited I have been over a wedding purchase since I learned you can turn pound cake into a cupcake.
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*In two months exactly...

I will be finishing up with the decorating and setting up of the ceremony and reception site.

*In two months and a half hour...

I will be going to get ready for the ceremony.

*In two months and four and a half hours...

I will back at the ceremony and reception site for, you know, the wedding.

*In two months and seven and a half hours...

I will be married and enjoying food and merriment at the reception.

*In two months and ten and a half hours...

I will be kicking people out so I can clean up the reception house and go home and catch some zzzz.
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We are having a cold snap in tallytown. It has finally warmed up today to the balmy temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit/ 3 degrees Celsius.

Ever the cheap bastard, I refuse to turn on the heat. Why should I when it is toasty warm inside at 50 degrees Fahrenheit / 10 degrees Celsius?


Today has been a wedding planning, appointment setting sort of day. I've accomplished a lot, research wise, but have no tangible evidence. (i.e., found a great place to get the yarmulkes for the wedding, but have no yarmulkes on hand, found cool wedding rings, but do not have said cool wedding rings.)

What I have done:

1. Set up an appointment with David's Bridal for tomorrow afternoon.

2. Picked out our Thank You notecards.

3. Picked out ten Ketubahs I like to show Jonathan.

4. Created a bookmark folder to hold all of the wedding links.

5. Ordered bridesmaid dress. (My cousin is getting married in April and I am a bridesmaid in her wedding.)

Hmm, that really doesn't look like much, but throw in an hour of cardio and an hour of writing and you have yourself a pretty full day!


While only two days into the new year, I have stuck to my schedule of spending an hour everyday, writing. (Blogging not counting as writing. The real portfolio bulking writing.) This is the year I stop bitching and do something with my degree, even if it only means one or two freelance writing gigs.


Currently Reading: Nonfiction - Offbeat Bride by Ariel Meadow Stallings, Fiction Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Currently Knitting: Stepfather's belated Winter Capitalism Day present eep!

Currently in my compact disc player: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright
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Two months and four weeks until the wedding.

Four weeks until the invitations are mailed out.

Aside from the Manischewitz, this will be a dry wedding.

Our DJ will wear a kilt.
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(This lantern of paper cranes, is really cool. I want to make one.)

For the wedding, I am folding 1,000 paper cranes to be used as decoration during the reception. My Irish twin, Melissa*, is also folding paper cranes**. Ditto for Jonathan, the groom.

*My twin, Melissa with her excited over folding paper cranes face on!

Tomorrow, Jonathan and I are heading to Ye Olde Asian MegaSuperMarket to pick up some origami paper. Let the folding fun begin!

**I might send an email out to the wedding party and relatives to extend the offer of folding paper cranes to contribute to the decorations. I worry this offer might smell like the old Tom Sawyer White Washin' Fence scam and not the fun times it is meant to be.
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I fell in love during the 73rd Academy Awards with Angelina Jolie's white suit.

I found it to be more daring than many of the skin baring dresses that other actresses were showing up in. Not only was a woman wearing a suit to the Oscar's, but a white suit at that! White normally blends with anything and everything when it comes to clothing, with the exception of the suit. To wear a white suit lets the world know that you are a cut above the rest and you want its undivided attention.

I swore that once I reached my healthy for me size, I would invest in one and wear it as often as possible.

Fast forward six years and still no suit.

With the wedding a mere nine months away and my determination to change my health lifestyle, I have a feeling that this suit could be in my wardrobe within the next year.

But what if it was in my wardrobe sooner, say within the next nine months?

No, don't worry, I am not going to crash diet my way to 145 lbs just for a suit.

What if instead of a dress, I wore a white suit to my wedding? I would be around 175 lbs by then and suits are easy enough to alter, for when I lose the final 30 lbs and reach my goal weight.

(This will require your imagination. Replace Angie's head with mine, Benicio Del Toro's head with Jonathan's, take out the awards and replace background with something more wedding like. Hmm, maybe I should come back and photoshop this later!)

(x-posted to our wedding blog.)
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This cake wins at life.
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It's official:

Jonathan and I will be married March 8, 2008* sometime after sundown in Tallahassee,FL.

It's really happening. To quote Keanu Reeves: "Woa."

(*This also marks the 30th anniversary of the first airing of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on BBC radio.)

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I am considered a "mature bride". (A bride who is closer to thirty than to twenty.)

At this point in the game, even if it is my first wedding, it is proper etiquette for me, personally, to foot the entire wedding bill, since I am so much older than the normal bride.

Granted, I was expecting to pay for this all on my own, but still. Wow. Bridal Etiquette considers me old. Damn.

This information brought to you by:

Wedding Etiquette for Divorced Families - Martha A. Woodham - copyright 2002
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Theme, colour scheme, and date for the wedding?

No clue, but I have found my cosmetic palette for the wedding, so that helps.
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So...I'm engaged to be married.

And how are you doing?


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