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T-minus 4 hours and thirty-five minutes (EST) until the season premiere of the fourth season of LOST.

Excited? You should feel these nipples!

I have one theory right now, formed from watching "Through the Looking Glass Part 1 and Part 2", aka season three finale. It is behind the cut for those who care. (Spoilers if you didn't watch the season three finale.)

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I received the complete X-Files SERIES box set as a "Pick Your Winter Holiday" present.

My precious, um, I mean teh awesome box set of win. Zod, whom you will kneel before, the alien Vermont teddy bear, to the viewer's right. Yes, he has a teddy face that he takes off. No, I don't find it creepy.

That's right, this Philer now has at her disposal every friggin' episode of The X-Files series.

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Dear LOST,

I need to apologize. I was young and impatient, wanting to know the answers NOW, and not savoring the delicious mystery of your storytelling. So you must understand, when your creator announced near the beginning of your second season that there was no master plan and they were going to ride this out until it tired out, my faith was shaken.

But now I see that it was a test. A test to weed out the bandwagoners only watching LOST because it was the hip new show from the truly faithful.

I have watched season one again, it is good.

I have watched season two and it is awesome.

I have watched season three, and ZOMGWTFBBQ! MADE OF WIN!

I am so sorry, I should have had more patience. I should have known that the creator was testing us, for there are episodes in season three that match up perfectly with subtle clues from season one that can no way be a matter of chance.

And if it was the truth, who am I to judge? How many television series know how the show will unfold?

I beg your forgiveness. For now that the writer's are striking and you appear to be the only show premiering with a new season in the spring, I will come into the fold with the rest of the bandwagoners, itching for something new, tired of reality shows and divorce inducing game shows.

But I will prove myself true. Once shows go back into production and the next hip show catches everyone's attention, I will forever remain yours, faithfully.

But I must make my intentions clear, while ever awesome and made of win, you will be second banana to The X-Files for me. That's a given, you know that right?

Stay awesome!

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1. I am naming my first born child, Hiro. For real, real.

2. How do the French say it? ZOMG TEH AWESOME!

That is all.


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