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This disappointed cookie lived a rather long life thanks to the positioning of certain chocolate chips during the baking process. Any other cookie would have been gone in seconds, and Disapproving Richard Thomas cookie was on a similar path until I decided to look at what I was about to eat.

I knew at some point it would meet it's end. And I wanted to get photographic evidence of Disapproving Richard Thomas cookie before that time.

(That time was about a day later, when Jonathan had a sweet tooth moment and ate Disapproving Richard Thomas cookie.)

Disapproving Richard Thomas cookie is named such, due to the chocolate chip mole positioned over it's disapproving chocolate chip frown in a manner similar to how Richard Thomas, aka John Boy from The Walton's looked when he didn't have time for the shenanigan's of his 12,000 other siblings.

John Boy doesn't have time for your whining, Mary Ellen, John Boy has serious writin' and thinkin' to do now.

Something about the flash reflecting on the plate has turned Disapproving Richard Thomas cookie from a mere baked good with humourously positioned chocolate, to an eerie cookie prophet, casting judgment on all who gaze upon it's glory.

So gaze upon Disapproving Richard Thomas cookie and prepare to be judged and feel great shame in how disappointing you are.

Or just accept your judgment and be amused by a cookie that bears a resemblance to a seventies teenage heartthrob.

Whatever works for you.

Sexy teen heart throb John Boy, thanks you for your time.
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Not going to lie, I am pretty proud of this softie. She's not much to look at, but considering my sewing skills are squat and I am terrified of sewing machines I think she is pretty decent for a prototype.

This time next week, I will be at Dragon*Con. Add 4 hours and I will be dressed up as a Dharma Initiative member at the LOST meetup photo shoot with my equally obsessed fan brothers and sisters.

I don't know why I thought designing and sewing by hand a four foot fish biscuit softie would be a good idea.

Oh wait, I think it went a little something like this:

Ooh, I could cosplay as a giant Dharma Fish Biscuit. Nah, that's too much work. I know! I will sew a four foot long Dharma Fish Biscuit softie!

I made the body using fleece, the letters using felt, and she's stuffed with an uber light poly-fil stuffing.
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T-minus 4 hours and thirty-five minutes (EST) until the season premiere of the fourth season of LOST.

Excited? You should feel these nipples!

I have one theory right now, formed from watching "Through the Looking Glass Part 1 and Part 2", aka season three finale. It is behind the cut for those who care. (Spoilers if you didn't watch the season three finale.)

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Oh my god, she’s so hot
She’s so fucking hot, she’s like a curry
I gotta tell her how hot she is
But if I tell her how hot she is she’ll think I’m being sexist
She’s so hot, she’s making me sexist…bitch
-She’s So Hot…Boom! FotC

There’s people on the street getting diseases from monkeys
Yeah that’s what I said, they're getting diseases from monkeys
Why's this happening, please, whose been touching these monkeys
Leave these poor sick monkeys alone
There sick, they’ve got problems enough as it is!
-Think About It, Think, Think About It FotC


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