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A sixty second sketch before my birthday weekend begins.

I think next time, I'll make the font more dream like and spirally, like smoke. Better suits Luna's voice and personality.
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29 miles/47 km down, 241 miles/388 km to go. I am surprised by how easy it is to get 6 miles/9 km of walking done during the day.

2.) I'm working on some ATC (Artist Trading Cards) to bring for swap at Dragon*Con. (There is an ATC panel and swap that occurs.)


Any suggestions as to what I should draw are greatly appreciated. If it helps, I am focusing on geek centric subjects. (Star Trek, Star Wars, Stan Lee, The Guild, LOST, et cetera.) I promise to scan them in and post before I trade them.

I'm a little nervous. What if no one wants to swap with me? Or worse, what if it is only a pity swap?

I know, I know, stop thinking and just draw.

3.) I'm learning how to crochet granny squares. For his Hannukah present I am making Yonatan an 8 bit afghan. The granny squares will act as pixels and I will "draw" the 8 bit drawing out with them. It's going to take a lot of granny squares. This should be interesting.
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In the middle of last night's dream, I turn to my companions and ask if this is a dream. They respond by looking at me like I am crazy. I try to say something in Korean and don't understand what I said. I take that as confirmation I am in fact dreaming. Smug with satisfaction of knowledge, I am ready to continue the dream. Instead, I get one last look at my companions, looks of disappointment in return, before I awake.
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If I were a rich man, I would have the funds to buy proper presents instead of bestowing my crappy handmade whatnots.

But I am not a rich man, so crappy handmade whatnots it is.

Today is my friends' daughter's 2nd birthday. She loves bugs. I made a birthday card. More so for her parents than her. What two year old wants a birthday card?

Still I felt a little weird showing up tonight empty handed. Not enough time to quickly unpack my knitting supplies and make her an amigurumi bug. Enough time to notice some of my art supplies are out and make a quick card to show I care. It's the thought that counts, right?

An in progress shot. Sketchbook with original quick aketch, portable watercolour set, kneaded eraser, sponge, et cetera.

As the saying goes, it's good enough for government work. I messed up quite a bit and colour is not my forte. Still, it was fun to make. I used a watercolour postcard from a pack that happened to be out. (I think near the end of packing, some of my art supplies ended up in the kitchen boxes.)

The smudged heart word balloon is annoying me. I was too quick when blotting the paper and smudged the damn thing. But I really don't want to redo this. Laziness wins.

Once it dries a bit, I will go back and add some generic colour to the background.


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