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You know what is awesome about a sprained ankle? Nothing.

I sprained my ankle last week while walking down some stairs at work. (Before anyone starts to scream WORKER'S COMP, wait a moment and read the next sentence.) I decided it wasn't terribly bad and decided the best medicine would be to walk it off.

So for almost a week, I tried walking off a sprained ankle. At my best, I mastered a hustling pimp walk. At my worst, it was a challenge to walk five paces without tearing up. At one point, I thought I broke my ankle, it hurt so much.

You know what happens when you try to walk off a sprained ankle? It gets worse.

This past week has been a lesson in understanding. I generally have an obscenely high pain threshold, but this sprain has pushed me to a point where all I wanted to do was cry and yell at every person I saw.

I understand a bit more why hurt animals are more likely to try to cut a bitch instead of whimper and hold their hurt paw out pitifully for help.

I've been stuck in bed for the past two days, following the R.I.C.E. (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) method of treatment.

I should be walking like a healthy boss by Monday.

Still bed rest sucks. I am at home, which means I see so many things that need to be done (laundry, dishes, tutus made and fairy wings bent into shape) but I can't because those require standing.

On the plus side, the only good thing to come out of having a sprained ankle is my to read pile is diminishing and my writing pile is growing in size.

Moral of the story? If I want to finish this novel, I need to break my legs.
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Drinking Bison's Organic Gingerbread Ale, Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer (with cane sugar!), and a giant glass of water.

It is a night of fluids and mad, mad, mad, mad crafting.

Just finished knitting one winter present. Getting ready to start another one. Not going to list how many I have left, or I will start to cry.

I have a Judd Apatow film marathon to keep me company.

My Chanukah present (octava noche) of Questionable Content Volume 1 by Jeph Jacques is an evil temptress. She hangs out on the coffee table, right at the edge of my peripheral vision. Luring me to drop the needles and dive into a highly desired read.

But the presents need to be finished. And I have bizarre seasonal booze and Kosher soda to keep me going through the night.

My List

Aug. 26th, 2010 09:00 am
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Jorge Garcia, most famously known as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes from the hit television show, LOST, once stated he had a notebook in the earlier years of his career that he would write down what he wanted to accomplish in his life. At one point, I assume, the notebook went missing or packed away, because Jorge found it again and read off the list, many of the points specific to accomplishments he has achieved.

(Be part of an ensemble cast on a successful television show. No really, I think he was that specific.)

His point was you need to write it down and visualize it in order to help make the dream a reality. I agree with this philosophy, even if I forget it's power from time to time.

I have made a list. It isn't complete, this portion focuses solely on career, but it is a good starting point.

* Write and draw a web comic that is updated on a regular basis, at least once a week.

*Have a table in Artist Alley at FreeCon in Spring 2011. Don't let the otaku scare me off.

*Have a table in Comics Alley at Dragon*Con.

*Publish a graphic novel.

*Get an agent.

*Be invited to speak on a convention panel about comics and web comics.

*Write and publish a novel.

*Make a comfortable living through drawing and writing.
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Working on a very long comic for Tuesday that chronicles my birthday. For now, enjoy this awesome video my friends, Beki and Deric made in honour of my birf.

Birthday Mustache Dreamin'


If awesome friends are a sign of richness, this weekend has taught me I am the richest mofo in the world.

If you want your own spiffy mustache to rock, here is a link to the comic in question.

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Intense Support For Spurned Kindergartner

Article behind cut.
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My two cents:
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I checked my RealAge account and have the following to do list.

1.Floss daily.
To prevent infections and promote healthy teeth.

2.Get a dog.

Apparently this has been a stressful year for me and a dog would lower my blood pressure.

3.Do more cardio.
Because I am a fat ass.

4.Eat carbs.
I've recently developed a fear of grain based carbs. I know, it's weird, and my diet is reflecting the weirdness.

Really, that is the to do list. (Aside from my notes in italics.) Point numero dos is the most amusing to me.
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...But wasn't paying attention to when warned.

1. How stressed out and exhausted I would be.

2. How emotionally raw I would be.

3. How I would lose my appetite. (I think my last real meal was on Monday.)

4. How my menses would start earlier and last longer and be harder. (I've been throwing up a bit. It's that hard.)

5. How I would worry about losing the groom or being ditched at the chuppah.

6. How I would question whether or not I was good enough for the groom.

7. How worried I would be about people not having fun at the wedding.

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As of 10:00am EST Friday, February 29, 2008, my mobile phone of three years has died.

I hope it is just the battery. I don't want to deal with getting a new telephone. (It's the original battery from the original purchase three years ago. It had become a piss poor excuse of a battery anyway. So here is to crossing our fingers for that scenario and not an entirely dead phone.)

Sigh. In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal. I hate mobile phones anyway, but if ever there was a poor time for mine to die, eight days before my wedding would be that time.

If you really need me, leave a comment here. If you know me in brick and mortar life as opposed to the binary world alone, email my main account.

I will be tethered to the computer doing wedding chores anyway for the rest of the day.
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(Three mothers with jog strollers push their children around Lake Ella. I follow since the path is my way home.)

Mommy #1: (Nods towards Muscovy ducks and their ducklings) It seems like they are just breeding more and more.

Mommy #2: Yeah, people keep feeding them and they keep breeding, it's really bad the impact those ducks have on the environment.

Me: Well, humans keep breeding and their impact on the environment is far more detrimental.

(pause as the mothers slow down and turn to look at me.)

Me: What?


A couple of years ago, I learned about a web comic called Something Positive based on my friend, Shaun's comment that my personality was like the Something Positive character, Aubrey.

I have never felt more like a strip from Something Positive until that moment on Lake Ella this morning.



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