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Over at Knit Picks, they are hosting a contest to win the contents of your Knit Picks wish list.


Part of entering the contest involves posting your wish list on Facebook.

And if you are one of the five people on the internet who don't have a Facebook account, like myself, there is the option of posting a link to your wish list on your blog.

I don't know what to tell you to do if you don't have a blog or a Facebook account and you want to enter. Enjoy your life that involves sunshine and in person social interaction I guess.

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1.) Just in time for the first night of Chanukah/Hannukah/That Jewish holiday where we celebrate not getting killed by eating tasty fried foods, an awesome present from my friend Brina.

Jonathan and I got into a debate over what it could be.

Me: (holding unopened post) Oh! It's from Sabrina! She's making gifts this year.

::opens post, pulls out odd pizza slice shaped parcel::

Jonathan: It's a slice of pizza?

Me: There's a note. ::reads note about Hannukah/Chanukah/More latkes please holiday present::

Jonathan: Ah, so it's Hannukah pizza.

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* Knit two Brain Slugs (a la Futurama)

* Knit one brain (for Zombie prom)

* Paint Chudley Cannons shirts (for Quidditch hooligan costumes)

* Finish ATC (Artist Trading Cards)

* Knit Golden Snitch hat (see point three)

* Make tiny DHARMA fish biscuit (for LOST cosplay)

* Mourn demise of wrists (See amount of knitting to be done in next two weeks)
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With the winter holidays just around the corner, I decided it would be a logical act to knit not one, but five presents.

(This is not counting the chainmail tunic I am knitting for Jonathan or the wedding shrug I am knitting for my wedding attire.)

This first project is different from what I am used to working with, fibre. This pattern requires the use of metal, 34 gauge metal wire to be specific.

Knitting with metal, in progress picture.

Knitting with metal, close up.

You might wonder, what does it feel like to knit with metal? I can only describe as the feeling I had, physically of playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" on new violin strings when I made first chair.

To those of you who don't play a strings instrument, I am about an hour of labor away from having calloused and bloody fingers*, damn!

It's really not that bad. My fingers are a little sore because, well, it's basically piano wire. Plus, my pampered digits are used to dealing with wool and cotton.

When completed, 16 times to make 2 sets of eight napkin rings, I should have something that looks like this.



*(I played the violin from the age of 8 until the age of 20. During my symphony years, we practiced so long and hard, there would be bloody fingers, especially on new strings.)
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Baby Viking Hats


Jonathan's sister-in-law, will be giving birth in about 3 months. Plenty of time for me to knit the above hat. Sadly, I think my efforts will be futile as I see the hat being accepted hesitantly and then tucked away in the far recesses of a dresser.

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I've found a solution for my fear of becoming sucked into all that is the wedding planning.

Become sucked into all that is the knitting.

I've technically been a knitter since December 2004 when Jaime taught me. However, I am still classified as a n00b, since I haven't knitted anything past the occasional scarf or Jayne hat.

It's time for me to suck it up, and give something a bit more advanced a try.


The way I see it, a shrug is small enough to not be too intimidating. (It's like Sweater Lite or "I can't believe it's not Sweater!") But advanced enough to get an ooh or aah if I don't muck it up too much.
I'm going to search for a simpler shrug pattern to start off with. However these are two patterns I would like to give a try as potential wedding shrugs.

Dammit, everything comes back to the wedding! Why has it become the Kevin Bacon of my life?




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