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Ricky Martin's Pegate

It is time to dance and celebrate, my friends. Come, click on the above video and let the rhythm move you. I'm dancing to it as I type. (One of the benefits of growing up in Central Florida. You end up fluent in Spanish and can dance the merengue to anything while doing anything**.)

Why am I celebrating?

Because I just finished crocheting up the ten plague finger puppets!

Plagues 1 - 5
(left - right: Blood, Frogs,Lice,Flies,Livestock Death)

Plagues 6 - 10

(left - right: Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness, Death of Firstborn)


These are just the first draft versions of my finger puppets. You might notice that Flies and Locusts are the same damn finger puppet. That is because they are. I am not happy with this design.

But the seder is today*.

I don't have much time to redesign and crochet them up the way I envision them. I must admit, this is another case of "Chris has a brilliant idea hours before the event and refuses to use anyone else's patterns so she sketches and designs and creates her own patterns because she is insane.".

There are only three designs I like out of this round. Blood, Darkness and Boils. Those three came out fantastic and match my vision and design sketches. The rest, are good enough for government work. Actually, the longer I look at them, the more I hate them.

The next round will be better. Honestly, no one will care about this batch. The Jewish grandma will be thrilled I even created them. The children will be happy to have something to play with during the ten hour dinner.

Now, let us dance to the rhythm of the beat.

elmo dance Pictures, Images and Photos

** It's true, I can dance the merengue to any song. Any. song.

*There was a scheduling conflict, which is why the seder is tonight and not last night.
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There's something wrong with the challah....

No really....

What the hell did they do to the challah?


Because I am a crappy baker, we purchase our challah bread from the fine bakers at Publix grocery store. Normally, the challah looks, well, normal.

(exhibit A - normal challah bread loaf)

I don't know what happened this week. Maybe the bakers were fed up of staying in the box and wanted to experiment with the baking of challah. To live, to really live involves danger and change, they must have shouted while squashing the braided egg dough into the loaf pans.

Viva Le Revolution!

Or, an apprentice baker started. A gentile apprentice baker.

Head Baker Sylvia: Yo, Apprentice Eve, stick the challah loaf in the oven!

Apprentice Eve; what this pile of braided dough here?

Head Baker Sylvia: Yeah!

(Apprentice Eve looks at the lump of braided dough0

Apprentice Eve: (to self) Well, she called it a loaf, I'll just cram this into a loaf pan...

(beads of sweat build up on the young apprentices brow)

Man, this is tough. I need to hurry and get this in so I can go and hit the Friday night Cheesy Beef and Pork festival*!

(An hour later)

Head Baker Sylvia: What the hell happened to the challah?


(Apprentice Eve pops her head around the corner.)

Apprentice Eve: Don't worry, boss, I took care of the challah, see? Oh I saw that bowl of matzo mix on the counter. Don't worry, I added yeast and corn flour to it. Boy would that have been embarassing if the matzo didn't rise**!

Head Baker Sylvia: EVE!



* I don't know what the hip gentiles do on a Friday night. I just assume it involves a lot of non kosher food.

**It's funny, because she just made it not only not matzo, but not safe for Passover consumption!

*** Also, I realize the irony in taking pictures of the mutant challah next to the Passover matzo.
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Every other night, Jonathan and I sit down to discuss, decide, and implement said wedding action.

Last night was Yarmulke/Kipot Action '08.

(At a Jewish wedding all males have to wear a yarmulke/kipot, no matter your denomination. Since many males attending neither own nor will realize they need to get a yarmulke/kipot to wear, it is custom for party givers to provide a giant basket of yarmulkes/kipot for the males to wear. Afterwards, whatever is left, gets donated to the local temple for temple goers who forget, have lost, don't own on to use while in said temple.)

J: Jonathan
C: me

C: oooh, look, these guys are only $1.35 each AND include free personal stitching.
J: Those are nice.
C: oh, wait, they require a 6 dozen minimum order. I don't think we are having that many males at the wedding.

(Quickly tallies males from guest list)

C: Yeah, IF every male shows up, that's only 40.

(Goes to other site)

C: Oh these are really nice, only $1.95 each with no minimum order.

J: Let's go for those.

C: (Clicks on forward link. Discovers lot of same yarmulkes/kipots.) WOA! 40 kipot for only $17!

J: (Reads and re-reads description, everything looks financially kosher.) Get those!

C: Yeah! We are a bad Jewish stereotype.

So this morning, I placed an order for 40 yarmulke/kipot at a cost of $17.

They are really cool, besides being uber cheap. They are vegan, an eco-suede, so they feel like suede but are made of recycled cardboard. I think this is the most excited I have been over a wedding purchase since I learned you can turn pound cake into a cupcake.


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