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I checked my RealAge account and have the following to do list.

1.Floss daily.
To prevent infections and promote healthy teeth.

2.Get a dog.

Apparently this has been a stressful year for me and a dog would lower my blood pressure.

3.Do more cardio.
Because I am a fat ass.

4.Eat carbs.
I've recently developed a fear of grain based carbs. I know, it's weird, and my diet is reflecting the weirdness.

Really, that is the to do list. (Aside from my notes in italics.) Point numero dos is the most amusing to me.
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My right tympanic membrane (eardrum) has retracted into my malleus (no cool layman's term for malleus.).

The doctor informed me that this was caught a week before infection and another exploding eardrum. Yippy! Skippy!

I am now on MethyIPREDNISolone for the next five days to clear up what's going on in my ear and take away my supersonic hearing.

C'est la vie, we can't all be Heroes!
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I am really excited and positive about my marriage to Jonathan. I really have no zen, sage news about the wedding. It's being planned. I am tired, but looking forward to it. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Need to relax? Watch this video of a dolphin making circles underwater set to violin music. Stress? What Stress?

Behind the cut, cat pictures that amuse me.

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Tomorrow, I go to the doctor to find out what is up with my insane hearing ability.
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This time last year, my left eardrum exploded.

I didn't notice until my roommate pointed out that I had blood flowing out of my left ear. A trip to the doctor's confirmed that I had a severe ear infection, resulting in an exploding ear drum.

This concerned my doctor, because I should have been very aware of:

The ear infection;

and the exploding ear drum.

Apparently, my pain threshold is a little high.

For the past five days my ears have been a little weird. At first I kept running to the left when I would get up and walk. Now I have a symptom I can only describe as:

"Tingly Spidey Senses";

or "Heroes Syndrome".

I am hearing TOO MUCH. The hum of the refrigerator sounds like a jet taking off. Jonathan exhaling in another room sounds like a floor to ceiling wall fan starting up.

When I watch television, there is an echo after every single sound that can only be compared to a high frequency whistle.

Conversations on the telephone involve the need to hold said phone about two feet away from my ear.

And the symptoms come and go. Saturday and Sunday they were bad. Monday not so bad. Tuesday, almost gone. Today, back in full force.


1. I was bitten by a radioactive spider and am slowly developing spidey senses.

2. I am a Hero and have the power of super sonic hearing. At any moment Sylar is going to discover my whereabouts, kill me before I figure out what is going on, eat my brain and take my power.

3. I have an ear infection.

Personally, my vote is for number one. Sure number two sounds cool, up until the death part.


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