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Cliff: I'm not a rule lawyer. I'm a rules paralegal.


Jonathan: Oh rules paralegal, how much is a metal weapon?


Kenny: You seem a decent fella, I hate to kill you.


Jonathan: We have a sick man. Yeah, he's probably not going to make it. Well, more water for the rest of us.


Kenny: Can I take 10?
Jonathan: You can take 10.
Kenny: I'm at 21.
Jonathan: Fuck.


Kenny: Man's gotta eat, dwarves gotta mine.


Cliff: (explaining certain rules of combat)
Kenny: The rules paralegal hath spoketh.


Jonathan: Merchant will miss Larn.
Chris: (singsongy whisper) I miss you.


Cliff: I'm not dead, I'm bleeding.
(rolls natural 20)

Group: Laughs and cheers

Jonathan: Bitch is back!
Blair: Essentially you bounced off the ground.


Jonathan: Who is up next?
Group: (in unison) I don't know.
Jonathan: Right, that is up to me.

Cliff: DON'T (pounds) YOU (pounds) DIE (pounds) ON (pounds) ME! is the extent of my medical knowledge.


Blair: I don't think sitting on his chest is going to help.

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* Knit two Brain Slugs (a la Futurama)

* Knit one brain (for Zombie prom)

* Paint Chudley Cannons shirts (for Quidditch hooligan costumes)

* Finish ATC (Artist Trading Cards)

* Knit Golden Snitch hat (see point three)

* Make tiny DHARMA fish biscuit (for LOST cosplay)

* Mourn demise of wrists (See amount of knitting to be done in next two weeks)
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Friday night was open gaming night at E3.

I had no idea what a magical night it was going to be.

Now, E3 is a coffee bar rock band church. No really. Once a month, our friendly neighbourhood comic book store owner hosts opening gaming night there. All the coffee and soda you can drink for free while playing board games, card games and rpgs in one of two rooms. Either the coffee house room or the rock concert auditorium (where services are normally held.).

Jonathan had just started Red Dragon Inn board game when Cliff's round of Monty Python Fluxx ended. Cliff and I were hanging out, shooting the shit, when Emily comes in and asks if we are interested in playing some D&D. Cliff casually responds, sure.

Then she mentions it's Dark Sun. Cliff is more eager to play now.

You see, the next edition of Dark Sun is due out on Tuesday. Cliff has spent the past month eagerly counting down to the date like a child waiting for Christmas. A chance to play the old Dark Sun setting before the new one comes out would be a welcome appetizer before the main course.

We go into the auditorium and find an rather innocuous looking group gathered at a round table. Since I am not playing I sit to the side, while Cliff pulls up a chair.

The GM (game master) pushes a rather nice set of laminated pre gen (pre generated) character sheets toward Cliff for him to choose from.

The usual geek banter is shared and then it is revealed.

Oh, this isn't the old Dark Sun campaign.

This is the new Dark Sun campaign. The one that comes out on Tuesday.

You see, the GM had gone to GenCon and picked up a copy of the main rule book and monster manual.

At this point he opens a tote bag and pulls out THE BOOK.

It could have just been the lighting but I swear a heavenly cascade of sunlight appeared from above and spotlighted that book as he offered it to Cliff to read.

It's at this point I see a look of pure happiness on Cliff's face.

Oh wait, I have a picture.

Oh nevermind. This is the picture where Cliff reached a state of nirvana upon turning to the AUTOGRAPHED title page.


I ended up joining the campaign.




Another geek was carrying an Amazon.com box around. Nothing odd there, until I hear from the other D&D (dungeons & dragons) table:

"Do not tell me that is a giant Dr. Manhattan heroclix?"

and the more beautiful response:

"It is."

And it was. The gentleman picked him up at Comic Con a few weekend back.

I should have placed a mini (miniature statue used as visual place holder during a roleplaying game.) next to him for scale.

See those ballpoint pens in a container behind him? They would have come up to his knee. So about 6"/15.2 cm from knee to top of foot.

Yeah, he was GIANT.

A view from behind

Near the end of the night, Dr. Manhattan shows up during a battle. Jokes about the difficulty of the new Dark Sun campaign are made.

All in all, a fantastic evening.
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29 miles/47 km down, 241 miles/388 km to go. I am surprised by how easy it is to get 6 miles/9 km of walking done during the day.

2.) I'm working on some ATC (Artist Trading Cards) to bring for swap at Dragon*Con. (There is an ATC panel and swap that occurs.)


Any suggestions as to what I should draw are greatly appreciated. If it helps, I am focusing on geek centric subjects. (Star Trek, Star Wars, Stan Lee, The Guild, LOST, et cetera.) I promise to scan them in and post before I trade them.

I'm a little nervous. What if no one wants to swap with me? Or worse, what if it is only a pity swap?

I know, I know, stop thinking and just draw.

3.) I'm learning how to crochet granny squares. For his Hannukah present I am making Yonatan an 8 bit afghan. The granny squares will act as pixels and I will "draw" the 8 bit drawing out with them. It's going to take a lot of granny squares. This should be interesting.
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Skip and Jaime's wedding is in 22 weeks. As a bride trooper I have been given free reign for what my outfit will be. I was going to wear a Utilikilt, but I am too fat to wear one. They don't come in my size. So, the plan has changed. Unless I magically lose 15 inches off my waist in the next 22 weeks.

Opinions appreciated.

I'm leaning toward one of the following:

The Probably Most Appropriate for a Wedding Section:

Betsey Johnson Evening Sequins dress
(Honestly, I want this dress even if not for the wedding.)

Betsey Johnson Burnout Stripe Organza dress
(Ditto. I love this dress too.)

The Cheongsam Section
I love Cheonsam, Qi Pao, "That Chinese Type of Dress", whatever you want to call it. As much as I think I look like a bloke in a dress, I still fantasize of having a vast collection of Cheongsam that I wear on a regular basis.

Aberrance Dragon Burnout cheongsam

Lake Blue cheongsam

Traditional Dragonfly cheongsam
(The longer I look at this dress, the more matronly it looks to me.)

Xi Shang Mei Shao cheongsam
(While I do like this one, it is meant mostly as a joke. Jaime told me their wedding colours are earth tones. As in, if it exists on earth, it's an earth tone. I went for a choice that looks to have just about every colour on it.)

The Geek Section that only this bride and groom would appreciate:

The Joker Suit. Really. (But not the makeup or hairstyle. Part of me really wants to do this and photograph the bride's reaction when she realizes what I am wearing. The dark colours would be appropriate for a fall wedding.)

Pinstripe suit
(I'd like to think somewhere, Dr. Billings is looking down on this with a smile of approval. Man wore a fierce suit.)

Black Velvet Suit
(What? I look really good in velvet. I swear in a past life I was a gay man of leisure.)


The suck it up section

Suck it up and work my ass off for the next 22 weeks to lose 15 inches off my waist so I can wear a utilikilt.**


**Utilikilts are not a requirement, but from what I can tell, most of the wedding party, bride the exception, will be in kilts.
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Jonathan: That does not look like a sinkhole. It seems way too regular down the sides.

Me: I don't know what's going on, but it's impressive

Jonathan: Silurians?

Me: What is a Silurian?

Jonathan: The Homo-Reptillians

Me: Wait did you just pull a Doctor Who reference on me?

Jonathan: Yep

Me:  Well done

Jonathan:  ::bows::


* Yes, I am using The Weekly World News as the source. Well, it has the eighth highest circulation in the whole wide world.

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While cleaning out the office, I stumbled upon some quotes I had written down during the 2008 Shadowrun campaign Jonathan ran. Enjoy.

Shadowrun 2008
GM - Jonathan
Players - Cliff, Kenny, Jacob, Skip, Jaime, Blair, Christin

Kenny - So, when things get hot and heavy, what can you do besides fix things?
Jacob - Oh G-d man, Jesus! I'm not going to be there.


Kenny - Yes, Soylent Green is troll.

Cliff - If sitting there talking about porn counted as porn, I would have lost my virginity in junior high.

Jaime - Well, he's sitting there with his cock hanging out.

Cliff - (beat) Yep, junior high.


Jaime - When do trolls hit puberty?
Cliff - Whenever they want.

--(Note: Remember Cliff's Katherine Hepburn impression.) I still remember it. It is still hilarious.


Jonathan - Troll walks into a bar...
Kenny - ...bar says ow.

Kenny - Yes, he strips at Puke-n-Dales.
Cliff - Now I have the image of a troll doing the Chris Farley Chippendales dance.

Group - (singing) I want a troll with a slow hand. I want a troll with an easy touch.

Kenny - Four score and seven years ago, I was here. You're late, motherfucker.

Jonathan - He pulls out a map...
Cliff - (troll voice) This is Magna Carta!

Jaime - Shocking. Skip's the one causing us to be late for something.

Skip is never on time, except for important things like weddings and funerals.


Jaime - That's my back up plan, act like a pedophile.

Cliff - Oh, great plan!

Kenny - They'll never suspect the child molester!

Kenny - Matrix, matrix, matrix, I made it out of clay...

Jonathan - ...and when it's dry and ready, with matrix I will play.


Jonathan - Justice, what is your reaction?

Christin - My reaction? EAAUGGHHHH!
(response to Skip's character being bitten by giant rat.)


Jonathan - Next, we are going to attack Ajax with rats.

Cliff - Bring it on lil' bitches! (Cliff's playing a troll.)


Cliff - Please, I live in the slums. Like I don't have to deal with rats. Everytime I try to take a crap, they're coming out of my toilet. And it's a troll toilet, so they're this big. (Big.)



Jacob - Anyone want to know what's in the case?

Everyone - NO!

Jaime - You're not even in the van with the case!

Jacob - (beat) (imitates CB radio) Anyone want to know what's in the case?
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This year, we decided to stay until Tuesday. Our normal, "wake up, pack up, check out, park car, go back to con and enjoy until closing ceremonies" plan did not apply.

I have to admit, This last day of con was a lot more relaxing and had less hinting of the impending "post con depression".

Monday's schedule was simple. Hit up Comic & Artist Alley and the dealers' rooms one last time before spending the rest of the day watching Robot Battles.

The dealers' rooms were abuzz with last minute activity. I hit up the Chessex table one last time and purchase a giant set of dice and a couple of crooked d6s.

I stopped by a table giving away books and walked away with "Awakening The Beast: A Collection of Six Sexy Bites" published by Silhouette Nocturne. I met Caridad Pineiro, one of the authors, and now have the mission to read her work. If her writing is as good as the description of her storylines, it should be a fun mission.

I picked up a copy of her book, Fury Calls.

After that, I headed over to Comics & Artist Alley.

Being the last day of con, the comics artists were beat. As one of the staff went around, informing the artists that the alley would close an hour earlier, most if not all proclaimed with a burst of joyful energy.

After one last walk through checking out artists, picking up business cards, I headed upstairs to watch the rest of Robot Battles.

Robot Battles is exactly what it sounds like. People, generally engineers with MIT degrees build robots and fight. Objective? Officially, whoever gets knocked off first, loses that particular fight. Unofficially, create as much robot carnage as possible.

As you watch this event, you feel like you are in a gladiator's arena. The start of each round begins when the audiences bellows, "FIGHT!". Even though the fighters lack flesh and blood and emotions, I cringe and worry for my favourites safety.

I tend to be alone, as my fellow viewers are thirsty for metal shavings, slashed tires, and broken antennae.

Once the battle was over, Jonathan and I met up. He was talking to the emcee.

Apparently, it is a small geek world. The emcee went to Florida State University and was a student of Jonathan's father. This of course cued the awkward moment where the emcee asks how the professor is doing, and Jonathan has to inform him that he's been dead for seven years.

After that, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner with the Atlanta branch of my family.


Tuesday's Plans

*Check out of hotel

* Hit up Lenox Mall's LUSH store

*Eat at The Varsity

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After approximately three hours, I awoke and went for a run. Bad idea. Sleep good and needed to be productive runner.

I attended a class on Dwarf Runes. It was interesting and I received a Lord of the Rings centric primer and practice guide to further my studies in Geek Languages.

After a pit stop at Starbuck's for green tea and pumpkin bread, I high tailed it over to the Hyatt for the "Stealth Science and Skeptical Thought" panel.

When I arrived, I saw two lines serpentining in parallel. One was for the TAPS panel, the other for the Skeptics.

The line for a panel dedicated to ghost hunting was right next to the line for a bunch of skeptics.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Yeah. I expected a rumble a la West Side Story to erupt at any moment.

Fortunately, nothing happened, at least during the time I waited in line.

Now, as mentioned before, waiting in line at Dragon Con is not unusual. I did not question the length of this line.

Then someone said Adam Savage.

"Wait, Adam Savage is going to be in this panel?"

"Yeah, you didn't know?"

Holy Mother of Pearl, Adam "Mythbusters" Savage. (Adam is the one who does not sport the walrus mustache.)

Pics or it didn't happen? Fine, you're lucky I had to do a photo dump this morning.

Later in the evening was a life drawing session with Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School.


It was like your typical life drawing class. Only with cabaret dancers. We did a series of 2 minute sketches, 5 minute sketches, 10 minute sketches, and the final boss battle, a 20 minute sketch.

The night ended with me running into the sexiest female Freddy Krueger. There are pictures, but you will just have to wait until I do another photo dump.

Monday Plan:

*Make up sculpting

*Hit up the dealers' room one last time

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Arrived late to the parade, and ended up catching the last ten minutes of it.

Attended the "From MST3K to Cinematic Titanic" panel with Jonathan. Immediately after, ran over to the Marriott in an attempt to save time so I could pee before the trial of standing in line for Charlaine Harris to autograph my book.

Line to restroom was long, decided to go further and investigate how long the Harris line was at that point. I reach a line, on the opposite side of the building from where her session was to take place. I fear the worse.

I tap the shoulder of the last person in line.

"Excuse me, what is this line for?"

I pray. "Please be for Terry Gilliam."

My prays remain unheard as she says, "Charlaine Harris".

I look at my watch. It is 3:10 in the afternoon. I have over two hours of standing ahead of me.

Waiting in line is a time honoured Dragon*Con tradition. You become best friends forever with the people before or behind you. You people watch, calling out to the cosplayers to come closer so you may photograph them without losing your precious spot in line.

Finally, 5:30 arrives. And our line begins to move.

Before we were warned not to sit while waiting in line, to avoid a fire hazard.

Now that the autograph session has begun, we are crammed into an area 20' x 15' and told to follow the taped maze line like so many cows through a slaughterhouse.

I catch a glimpse of Ms. Harris as the handler tells us we are allowed two autographs and one photograph.

She is no longer the plump young Arkansas housewife her author photo boasts in her books. She looks older, like the mother of the author in her pictures. She has also lost much weight. Still, she smiles and is genuinely happy to meet each and every fan.

Finally, I meet her. I thank her for writing the series and accidentally slip into a North Georgian accent.

We pose for a photo and I continue to thank her. She thanks me for reading her books. She is just as sweet as you would hope she would be. Fame has not gone to her head. She is still in the phase of complete dazzle at how popular her little stories are.

I retrieve my book, my camera, and hurry down the stage. I look to my right and serendipity hits.

I see Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series of novels. I am currently carrying her first novel in my bag as a "waiting in line" read.

Her line looks long. I feel daring, the confidence that infects all Dragon*Con geeks for five days. Fuck it, I will try.

I run out and am faced with another serpentine line. I pray to the Dragon*Con dragon, please, let this be the line for Terry Gilliam.

"What is this line for?"

I continue to pray.

The group announces in unison.

"Terry Gilliam."

My prays answered I run in and out of doors, trying to find the one that leads to Diana Gabaldon. Finally I am rewarded, with room and a short line.

She signs my book. I thank her for writing the series. Our picture is taken.

Diana Gabaldon is too hot to be a writer. I can say this, because I am one. We are not suppose to be this level of beautiful that she is at. She has a beauty and a charisma that makes straight women leave their husbands and lesbians thankful for their good luck.

I want to have her babies.

After the autographs, I head back up to the hotel room. I have needed to pee for the past 4 hours.

Saturday night is a grand time during Dragon*Con. The costumes are fantastic. The booze flows like a river. Everybody is everybody's friend.

We hit the Rainbow Trak Trek Trak party. We people watch at the Marriott. We watch the nightly midnight blowing of the kilts. Pictures to follow.

At this point, today, Sunday afternoon, I write this post operating on a little over three hours sleep.

Apologies in advance for the decline in making words goods of future posts.


Sunday Plans

*Skeptic's Panel with Adam Savage

*Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School

* The 2nd Annual Mad Scientists' Ball and Global Domination Strategy Session
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Awoke a little before six in the morning and went down to the gym for a workout.

The Nimoy/Shatner panel started at 10. While I enjoyed a envigorating fat burning bicycle ride, people began to line up for the Holy Grail of panels.

Not being insane, I chose to watch the panel in the comfort of my con hotel room.

Friday was not a big panel day for me. I decided to give blood, only to be turned away because my iron was low. Again. I had tried on Thursday with similar results.

I showed up for the LOST Dharma Initiative photo shoot, giant fish biscuit in hand. It pleased many, and random people approached me and thanked me for making it.

Photographs were taken, and I decided a polyester jumpsuit in Atlanta humidity was not the way to go for an all day ensemble.

After the failed blood donation, I followed Jonathan to his first panel. (Jonathan is volunteering with the Science Track this year.)

As we waited to find out why the room wasn't open, I people watched. A man headed toward me bearing a striking resemblance to Michael "Colonel Saul Tigh" Hogan. As he cam closer and brushed my shoulder as he swiftly walked by, I soon realized it was Michael "Colonel Saul Tigh" Hogan. Once he was out of sight, I had my fan girl moment.

Last year, the comic artists' alley was crammed into the maze like lowest floor of the Marriott. This year, I approve of the move to the Hyatt.

I met Jennie Breeden of The Devil's Panties and proceeded to go brain dead fan girl on her. I apologized and told her I was a big fan but all I could think to say was "YOU DRAW GOOD!". I then bought a ton of her graphic novels and a Pretty Princess pin.

Even though it's the first official day of the con, I already know what my favourite purchase is. I stumbled upon a random kawaii and creepy booth in artist alley selling kid robot and like merchandise.

I purchased a two inch long pink bunny sporting a fine mustache. Kid Robot, I don't know what you were thinking, but I approve.

I also met a gentleman from a site called Sugar Ninjas. It's a site where female artists can meet and get feedback and support. After he learned I have a "web comic" he encouraged me to check out the site. I grabbed a business card and thanked him.

Jonathan also had trouble donating blood, so we devoured iron burritos for dinner. Saturday should be the magic day of blood letting.


Saturday's Plans:

Watch the parade.

Autograph session with Charlaine Harris.

Drawing workshops.

Blood donation.
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Arrived at Marriott around 2pm after a National Lampoon level of crazy circumstances drive up. (Ask me later about getting stuck in a loop sandwiched on all sides by giant semi trucks in semi truck fill up area.)

Check in to the hotel was a breeze.

Getting our badges was another thing.

Ended up waiting in line for over two hours for our badges. Was behind a couple from Sweden here on their honeymoon. The groom is a member of the Skeptics Online Network. Was outed as a closeted crazy fan of Sweden when my travel phrase book of Swedish was revealed.

Jonathan had to leave the line for a while to go give Chris and Jess their room keys.

Awkward silence after a failed attempt of conversing about recent Tallahassee white colour criminals occurred.

As usual, Dragon*Con is a family reunion. Only with people you might have never met. Many people loved my "Ass, Gas, or Grass Nobody Rides for Free" lucky travel shirt. Had photographs taken, received hi fives, and had my ass grabbed.

Typical Thursday Badge pick up behaviour.

Once received badge, went to check on status of Chris and Jess' place in line. Talked with them and warned people not to purchase the $2 water, since there was free water inside.

Jonathan received a call on his mobile. It was the rest of the Tallytown gang. We look up and they wave to us like benevolent gods perched high in the Mount Olympus that is the Sheraton.

Went back to the hotel room and crashed for a bit. Watched Dragon*Con TV. Chris and Jess finally received their badges and we went for a late dinner at a Japanese place in the mall.

Ended up missing Thursday night drum circle for a night in watching DragonBall Z fan parody videos, catching up, and sketching out our schedule for the con.

Drank many Cuba Libres, the room drink for this Dragon*Con. (8 oz coca cola, 2 shots dark spiced rum, 2 tablespoons lime juice poured over ice.)

Fell asleep a little after one am, an early night for a convention that goes 24 hours.

Also, the Marriott has the best service and the best beds. Beware the squishy pillows and cubby wubby womb beds, you might never leave your room!


Friday's Plans:

Watch Nimoy Shatner panel on Dragon*Con TV. (I am not crazy enough to even attempt to attend live.)

Go to dealer's room and pick up this year's Dragon*Con Chessex die.

Go to LOST Dharma Initiative photo shoot. (The 4 foot Dharma Fish biscuit makes her debut!)
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Not going to lie, I am pretty proud of this softie. She's not much to look at, but considering my sewing skills are squat and I am terrified of sewing machines I think she is pretty decent for a prototype.

This time next week, I will be at Dragon*Con. Add 4 hours and I will be dressed up as a Dharma Initiative member at the LOST meetup photo shoot with my equally obsessed fan brothers and sisters.

I don't know why I thought designing and sewing by hand a four foot fish biscuit softie would be a good idea.

Oh wait, I think it went a little something like this:

Ooh, I could cosplay as a giant Dharma Fish Biscuit. Nah, that's too much work. I know! I will sew a four foot long Dharma Fish Biscuit softie!

I made the body using fleece, the letters using felt, and she's stuffed with an uber light poly-fil stuffing.
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Looks so frakkin' good.

BRB, having massive geekgasm in the corner.
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I finished reading "The Books of Magic" by Neil Gaiman.


As always with Gaiman, a great work, definitely read if you get the chance.

But upon finishing it, I wondered if J.K. Rowling was a comic book fan. Because the story is pretty darn similar.

"Tea Time with Gaiman and Rowling."

Setting: Interior of Gaiman's house, the kitchen.

Rowling: So Neil, I have this great idea for a story.

Gaiman: Oh?

Rowling: It will be about an ordinary British boy who is approached by mysterious and other worldly characters and told he is special and has the potential for greatness.

Gaiman: Um, Joanne. I hate to break this to you, but that is the plot for my comic book "The Books of Magic" available at fine comic book shops worldwide.

(Gaiman tosses a copy to Rowling. Rowling flips through a bit of it.)

Rowling: Did I mention there will be magic?

Gaiman: Focus, Joanne. What is the title of my comic?

Rowling: The Books of Magic. (beat) Dammit!

Gaiman: More tea?

Rowling: Did I mention he will have an owl? With a cute name?

Gaiman: You mean like an owl named Yo-Yo?

(Rowling flips further through.)

Rowling: Dammit.

Gaiman: More scones?
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Rattboy & Hellkitten from the YAHOO! Group meet up on Thursday night. (Kitten was showing off her tartan.)
The meet up was a lot of fun. It was kind of like a family reunion, where you meet someone but aren't certain how you are related, but it's all good because you are family.

Read more... )

Stay Tuned for Part Three: Still more Dragon*Con stuff!
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One of the perks of staying in a con hotel this year. Dragon*Con TV. Yes, I am laying on a bed of dice. No, it was pretty comfortable.

Read more... )

Stay tuned for Part Two: even more pictures and obscure references.
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This time last year, my left eardrum exploded.

I didn't notice until my roommate pointed out that I had blood flowing out of my left ear. A trip to the doctor's confirmed that I had a severe ear infection, resulting in an exploding ear drum.

This concerned my doctor, because I should have been very aware of:

The ear infection;

and the exploding ear drum.

Apparently, my pain threshold is a little high.

For the past five days my ears have been a little weird. At first I kept running to the left when I would get up and walk. Now I have a symptom I can only describe as:

"Tingly Spidey Senses";

or "Heroes Syndrome".

I am hearing TOO MUCH. The hum of the refrigerator sounds like a jet taking off. Jonathan exhaling in another room sounds like a floor to ceiling wall fan starting up.

When I watch television, there is an echo after every single sound that can only be compared to a high frequency whistle.

Conversations on the telephone involve the need to hold said phone about two feet away from my ear.

And the symptoms come and go. Saturday and Sunday they were bad. Monday not so bad. Tuesday, almost gone. Today, back in full force.


1. I was bitten by a radioactive spider and am slowly developing spidey senses.

2. I am a Hero and have the power of super sonic hearing. At any moment Sylar is going to discover my whereabouts, kill me before I figure out what is going on, eat my brain and take my power.

3. I have an ear infection.

Personally, my vote is for number one. Sure number two sounds cool, up until the death part.
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Nintendo released a list of their 2008 line-up. Entry mostly for my reference.


Read more... )
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I received the complete X-Files SERIES box set as a "Pick Your Winter Holiday" present.

My precious, um, I mean teh awesome box set of win. Zod, whom you will kneel before, the alien Vermont teddy bear, to the viewer's right. Yes, he has a teddy face that he takes off. No, I don't find it creepy.

That's right, this Philer now has at her disposal every friggin' episode of The X-Files series.

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