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* Have returned from Dragon*Con 2011. Am exhausted.

*Managed to purchase preregistration badges for 2012 Dragon*Con AND reserve 2012 hotel room as well.

* All that is left is to get started on costumes for next year. Oh, and maybe get some sleep. sleep good.
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* Must learn how to make rainbow shots.

* Con crud came early for one special girl, courtesy of my coworkers who want to save their sick leave for something important. Thanks, guys, preesh.

*My Fluttershy costume is almost done. Did I mention I am dressing up as Fluttershy for this year's Dragon*Con? I'm dressing up as Fluttershy for this year's Dragon*Con. Will finish sewing cutie marks on the dress tonight and after that, I just need to make my wings, courtesy of this instructable:


and sew up an Angel bunny to carry about.
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* Oh, look, my review of the book that broke my soul is up.

* Instead of getting things ready for Dragon*Con, I sit here practicing watercolour applications on artist cards. Remind me of this when I am running around on Wednesday, screaming hysterically and wondering why I have so much left to do.

* A: Dragon*Con. Dragon*Con. Dragon*Con. Waffles.

Q: What's up? Why does your Super Happy Fun Room look like a DIY project exploded? Why are you hysterical? What do you want for dinner?
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1.) I was bored, so I did a quick sketch of L from the manga/anime Death Note. The I painted using some sumi ink. Now I don't know what to do with it. I had trouble sleeping the other night, and staring at this painting at 2 in the morning doesn't help it's creepy factor.

2.) Cliff came over yesterday and he, Jonathan and I had a fun afternoon of MST3K and t-shirt making. I learned of a t shirt printing method involving freezer paper and with the power of Jonathan's airbrush, we made our Chudley Cannons shirts for the Quidditch hooligan cosplay we are doing at Dragon*Con this year.

I should have taken a picture of all three shirts. C'est la vie. This is mine. Photographs of the cosplay to be posted after Dragon*Con. Cliff even shaved his head to get into the part.

3.) I was so impressed with the freezer paper method, I am working on another shirt today.

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* Knit two Brain Slugs (a la Futurama)

* Knit one brain (for Zombie prom)

* Paint Chudley Cannons shirts (for Quidditch hooligan costumes)

* Finish ATC (Artist Trading Cards)

* Knit Golden Snitch hat (see point three)

* Make tiny DHARMA fish biscuit (for LOST cosplay)

* Mourn demise of wrists (See amount of knitting to be done in next two weeks)
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29 miles/47 km down, 241 miles/388 km to go. I am surprised by how easy it is to get 6 miles/9 km of walking done during the day.

2.) I'm working on some ATC (Artist Trading Cards) to bring for swap at Dragon*Con. (There is an ATC panel and swap that occurs.)


Any suggestions as to what I should draw are greatly appreciated. If it helps, I am focusing on geek centric subjects. (Star Trek, Star Wars, Stan Lee, The Guild, LOST, et cetera.) I promise to scan them in and post before I trade them.

I'm a little nervous. What if no one wants to swap with me? Or worse, what if it is only a pity swap?

I know, I know, stop thinking and just draw.

3.) I'm learning how to crochet granny squares. For his Hannukah present I am making Yonatan an 8 bit afghan. The granny squares will act as pixels and I will "draw" the 8 bit drawing out with them. It's going to take a lot of granny squares. This should be interesting.
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Rattboy & Hellkitten from the YAHOO! Group meet up on Thursday night. (Kitten was showing off her tartan.)
The meet up was a lot of fun. It was kind of like a family reunion, where you meet someone but aren't certain how you are related, but it's all good because you are family.

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Stay Tuned for Part Three: Still more Dragon*Con stuff!
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One of the perks of staying in a con hotel this year. Dragon*Con TV. Yes, I am laying on a bed of dice. No, it was pretty comfortable.

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Stay tuned for Part Two: even more pictures and obscure references.
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Friday's Costume
Sweeney Todd's, um, Sweeney Todd

Saturday's Costume
Firefly's Jayne Cobb

Sunday's Costume
Avatar The Last AirBender: Suki (Jonathan is going as Sokka)

Let the sewing begin!
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Tom "Frohike" Braidwood, me, Bruce "Byers" Harwood. I went so fangirl on them.

I thought about writing an essay about my first Dragon*Con experience. Instead, I will stick to what I do best, summary lists.

*I met a lot of celebrities.*

1. Jonathan "Riker" Frakes liked my "Schrodinger's Cat is dead/not dead" shirt. He told me so.

2. Matthew "Neville Longbottom" Lewis is really sweet and kind of physical.

3. I heart the Lone Gunmen. (See above picture.)

4. Claudia Christian is awesome. I want to have her babies.

5. Aaron "The Chief" Douglas and Jamie "Apollo" Bamber are really cool. I am saddened that I missed out on getting into the Battlestar Galactica late night party. Apollo was acting as bartender.

I want to have The Chief's babies.

6. Erik Estrada is Erik Estrada.

7. Seriously, too many celebrities to keep this section short.

*Da Con*

1. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

2. Looks like I have found my yearly vacation for the rest of my life.

3. A place where for five days geeks and freaks rule three hotels and twelve blocks of downtown Atlanta,GA,USA.

Ramen! I was touched by the Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodley appendage!

*Sex and Love at Dragon*Con

1. The rumours are true, it is a geek and freak breeding ground. I saw faery ladies hitting on RPG geeks, rocket scientists hitting on hentai girls.

2. I met many married couples who vouch for the love connection at Dragon*Con. Quite a few of them had met there.

3. Even I was hit on! Apparently if you are spotted alone, that is a sign to be hit on.

4. Favourite hit on:

a.) "Want to go back to my room and talk about quantum physics?"
(And no, it wasn't Jonathan, but some dude who struck up a conversation with me about string theory.)

*Da Panels*

1. Well put together and professional. I learned a lot.

*Da Costumes*

1. These people put a lot of time into their costumes. At least six months to a year in design. I was impressed.

Me and a Wonder Twin. This was crazy. Jonathan and I had been at the convention for ten minutes. A stranger asked Jonathan what time it was and it turned out to be this wonder twin, a girl I went to high school with and hadn't seen in over twelve years!

*Da Parade*

1. I was overwhelmed, and I have attended the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! It was incredible and a lot of fun to watch.

2. I want to participate in next year's parade.


1. If I could GLOMP a convention, I would GLOMP Dragon*Con.


Go to my flickr account to see my Dragon*Con pictures.


Chibi Cthulhu and I will see you at next year's D*C!
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It was all I had hoped for and more.
We pre-registered for D*C '08 on Monday right before we left.
Only 359 days to go!

Pictures and detailed post to follow later.


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