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Having the flu has some benefits. Like enough free time to finish crocheting the Baby Radish Lariat Scarf out of Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies book.

Besides crocheting every pattern out of her book, I am attempting to use up the yarn in my stash to do so. I didn't have the exact yarn she used for the project on hand, but I still think it turned out pretty cute.

I used a small part from a skein of Sensations Belezza Collection Stellina in fuschia for the main portion of the radish and some Red Heart white and green for the rest of the scarf.

This is a really great scrap yarn buster pattern. Most of the yarn used was for the stems and leaves portion, and that barely put a dent in the skein of Red Heart green yarn I used.

This is also a great assignment for learning double crochet, half treble, and treble crochet stitches.

Oh! And it was agreed amongst my friends that safety eyes make everything cuter. Sure, a radish scarf is adorable. But a radish scarf with two little beady eyes looking out at you? Frakkin' adorable!

Next Up:

Chocolate Cupcake Hat with Blue Frosting

20 in 2011

Jan. 2nd, 2011 11:54 am
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One of my winter presents this year was a copy of "Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies". It contains 20 crochet patterns of brilliant food related accessories.

2010 was a great year. But at the end, I noticed I didn't create as much as I could have. I don't want to make the same mistake in 2011.

So, I have a New Year's resolution to crochet every item out of "Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies".

I plan to complete two a month. This will leave the last two months of the year open for last minute holiday crafting.

Bonus, I plan on using the items I make as winter presents this year. By the time November rolls around, I should in theory have my winter gift list complete and just needing to be wrapped.

Here is my itinerary for making items out of this book. I'll post pictures after an item is completed.

Baby Radish Lariat Scarf
Chocolate Cupcake Hat with Blue Frosting

Candy Button Scarf
Strawberry Fingerless mittens

Pepperoni Pizza Scarf
Lemon Coconut Cake Tissue Cozy

Giant Carrot scarf
Bacon and Eggs scarf

Cookie scarf
Pear scarf

Cupcake scarf
Pink Grapefruit Scarf

Rocket Popsicle scarf
Popcorn scarf

Soft Serve Ice Cream scarf
Green Salad Scarf

Sushi scarf
Gingerbread Man scarf

Buttered Toast scarf
Spaghetti 'n' Meatballs Scarf
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Drinking Bison's Organic Gingerbread Ale, Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer (with cane sugar!), and a giant glass of water.

It is a night of fluids and mad, mad, mad, mad crafting.

Just finished knitting one winter present. Getting ready to start another one. Not going to list how many I have left, or I will start to cry.

I have a Judd Apatow film marathon to keep me company.

My Chanukah present (octava noche) of Questionable Content Volume 1 by Jeph Jacques is an evil temptress. She hangs out on the coffee table, right at the edge of my peripheral vision. Luring me to drop the needles and dive into a highly desired read.

But the presents need to be finished. And I have bizarre seasonal booze and Kosher soda to keep me going through the night.
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1.) Just in time for the first night of Chanukah/Hannukah/That Jewish holiday where we celebrate not getting killed by eating tasty fried foods, an awesome present from my friend Brina.

Jonathan and I got into a debate over what it could be.

Me: (holding unopened post) Oh! It's from Sabrina! She's making gifts this year.

::opens post, pulls out odd pizza slice shaped parcel::

Jonathan: It's a slice of pizza?

Me: There's a note. ::reads note about Hannukah/Chanukah/More latkes please holiday present::

Jonathan: Ah, so it's Hannukah pizza.

Read more... )
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1.) I came across a month, a MONTH of strips I drew for Every Sad Story Needs Nuns documenting February 2010 of my life. I think I will scan them and update ESSNN.

What a great surprise and what a push to start doing ESSNN again.

Although, I don't know if I want to attempt to remember daily what happened from March 2010 through November 2010.

Maybe I'll draw a strip for each month after February summarizing events of said month until I am caught up?

It's funny, I recall finishing these strips and being so ashamed of them. The quality of the artwork I thought was awful. The story lines were lame.

Now, nine months later, I find them a little cute and a reminder of some events that I completely forgot about.

I still need to work on my artwork and my storytelling, but I remember these strips being far more horrible upon original completion.

(Which is why I hid them in my writing portfolio.)

Morale of the story? I need to hide my artwork more often. No wait, I need to step away from a project for awhile before condemning it.

I am a poor judge when it comes to the quality of my work.

2.) Last night was a breakthrough night in drawing. I'm re-reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" to prepare for the upcoming film. While I read, I was inspired to create some Crappy Lil' Charms. I whipped out my sketchbook and drew a couple of designs.

Later on, Jonathan and I got into a discussion of what he would be like as a gladiator (We are watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand.) which lead to another sketch. This time of Jonathan as a gladiator.

Jonathan pointed out that I have hit a point in my skills where I just think of something and sketch it without looking for references.

This is exciting. Obviously I still use reference shots for a number of drawings. (To get things to scale and what not.) But I am finally reaching a comfort with my own style that I will just draw what comes to mind.

I don't know how to explain it more properly. All I know is, a year ago, I would not have attempted to draw Jonathan as a gladiator, much less sketch up designs without worrying about whether I was doing it "right" or not.

3.)I'm really getting into making tiny useless charms. I'm trying not to jinx myself, but I am contemplating opening up an Etsy shop called "Crappy Lil' Charms" to sell a few of the charms I make once I reach a level of confidence in my skill.

I would focus on kawaii foods, fandom charms and the like. Maybe make crochet markers and knitting markers, charm bracelets, mobile phone charms, earrings, et cetera.

I'm not expecting this to turn into a career. I just really enjoy making crappy lil' charms and have no need for every single one I make. If I could make enough to buy more craft supplies to make more, I would be happy with that.

Just an idea. I need to do further research on the legality of selling crafts. I know there are a few books out there on the topic.
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Last Saturday I became overwhelmed with the sudden desire to make something tiny out of Sculpey clay. Random, I know. After a trip to Michael's craft store and Lowe's hardware, I had the materials needed for making something wee out of clay.

But what to make? This would be my first time using Sculpey. Best to set my sights low.

So I rolled up a bunch of balls. Flattened a few of them and came to the conclusion that they would become tiny Christmas tree ornaments.

The process is relatively simple, but a little time consuming. I was inspired by this tutorial I found.


Crap to make the shit:

Giant block of Sculpey because it was a better deal than the smaller block per ounce, but let's be honest, the regular block would have been more than enough and you are just trying to convince yourself this hobby will totally take off and land you a stellar Etsy shop then a spot on the Martha Stewart show.

Cheapass acrylic paints because you don't need the expensive brand because let's be honest, this will at most give you kickass Christmas and birthday presents and not a career, stop being delusional!

Toothpicks for making wee kawaii faces.

Mechanical pencil leftover from an RPG session. This will make the eyes.

Steel wire that you couldn't find in Lowe's until you had a temper tantrum in front of the display of said steel wire.

Wire clippers

Needlenose pliers

Coffee table, aka your totally awesome workstation

Old paper bag, aka your totally awesome workstation tarp

Tea candle, aka your totally awesome drying rack

Let's Do This!:
1. Shape Sculpey clay into desired form.

2. Make a loop out of steel wire and insert into above desired form.

3. Bake item for around 20 minutes at 275 F/ 135 C

4. Remove from oven. Make certain to burn your fingers as you try to pick up the tiny charms to see if they are hot. Yes they are hot. They've been in a very hot oven for almost half an hour, idiot. Let them cool

4a. OPTIONAL: Dump them onto a wood cutting board and pretend you are a giant or a half-orc making treats for your tiny human friends.

5. Apply first wash of paint to item, let dry, repeat until desired colour is achieved. I recommend hanging them off of something. I improvised using a bit of the steel wire turned into hooks and jammed into a tea candle I had laying about.

6. OPTIONAL: Using random tiny bits from around the house, make a wee kawaii face on said item. Use the mechanical pencil dipped in a bit of paint to make the eyes and shit.

7. Apply glaze. Let glaze dry. Glaze makes it shiny and takes your item from tiny, useless and crappy to tiny, shiny, useless and crappy.

8. OPTIONAL: Take crappy photographs of said first attempt at using Sculpey and post on the internet like the attention whore you are.

Honestly, not bad for a first attempt. I need to work on the eyes. 3/4 of them look a little derp, derp, in my humble opinion.

And they are wee.

Audience: How wee are they?

Very wee.

So, I guess those of you that celebrate Winter Capitalism Day or Christmas that I actually exchange presents with know what to expect in your stocking from me.

Lil' crappy Sculpey charms with no real use.

Happy Holidays, bitches.
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Remember yesterday's second attempt at t-shirt printing with freezer paper?

Well it yielded this:

Yeah, I am loving this method.The picture does not do the level of sparkle this shirt possesses justice. I did a layer of gold metallic paint, let that dry, and topped it off with a layer of glitter paint. Oh, and no, I am not the creative force behind this quote. It's actually on another less fabulous and less glittery shirt over at TopatoCo. I had some reservations, but then I realized this is the only one I am making, for personal use and practice of a t shirt printing method and felt less bad.

If you like the shirt, go purchase it at TopatoCo.com.

Oh, and the freezer paper method can be found here:



Today I am making a Golden Snitch hat.

Yes, that is a yard of gold spandex I just happened to have in my fabric stash.

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1.) I was bored, so I did a quick sketch of L from the manga/anime Death Note. The I painted using some sumi ink. Now I don't know what to do with it. I had trouble sleeping the other night, and staring at this painting at 2 in the morning doesn't help it's creepy factor.

2.) Cliff came over yesterday and he, Jonathan and I had a fun afternoon of MST3K and t-shirt making. I learned of a t shirt printing method involving freezer paper and with the power of Jonathan's airbrush, we made our Chudley Cannons shirts for the Quidditch hooligan cosplay we are doing at Dragon*Con this year.

I should have taken a picture of all three shirts. C'est la vie. This is mine. Photographs of the cosplay to be posted after Dragon*Con. Cliff even shaved his head to get into the part.

3.) I was so impressed with the freezer paper method, I am working on another shirt today.

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* Knit two Brain Slugs (a la Futurama)

* Knit one brain (for Zombie prom)

* Paint Chudley Cannons shirts (for Quidditch hooligan costumes)

* Finish ATC (Artist Trading Cards)

* Knit Golden Snitch hat (see point three)

* Make tiny DHARMA fish biscuit (for LOST cosplay)

* Mourn demise of wrists (See amount of knitting to be done in next two weeks)
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With the winter holidays just around the corner, I decided it would be a logical act to knit not one, but five presents.

(This is not counting the chainmail tunic I am knitting for Jonathan or the wedding shrug I am knitting for my wedding attire.)

This first project is different from what I am used to working with, fibre. This pattern requires the use of metal, 34 gauge metal wire to be specific.

Knitting with metal, in progress picture.

Knitting with metal, close up.

You might wonder, what does it feel like to knit with metal? I can only describe as the feeling I had, physically of playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" on new violin strings when I made first chair.

To those of you who don't play a strings instrument, I am about an hour of labor away from having calloused and bloody fingers*, damn!

It's really not that bad. My fingers are a little sore because, well, it's basically piano wire. Plus, my pampered digits are used to dealing with wool and cotton.

When completed, 16 times to make 2 sets of eight napkin rings, I should have something that looks like this.



*(I played the violin from the age of 8 until the age of 20. During my symphony years, we practiced so long and hard, there would be bloody fingers, especially on new strings.)


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