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1.) I was bored, so I did a quick sketch of L from the manga/anime Death Note. The I painted using some sumi ink. Now I don't know what to do with it. I had trouble sleeping the other night, and staring at this painting at 2 in the morning doesn't help it's creepy factor.

2.) Cliff came over yesterday and he, Jonathan and I had a fun afternoon of MST3K and t-shirt making. I learned of a t shirt printing method involving freezer paper and with the power of Jonathan's airbrush, we made our Chudley Cannons shirts for the Quidditch hooligan cosplay we are doing at Dragon*Con this year.

I should have taken a picture of all three shirts. C'est la vie. This is mine. Photographs of the cosplay to be posted after Dragon*Con. Cliff even shaved his head to get into the part.

3.) I was so impressed with the freezer paper method, I am working on another shirt today.

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A sixty second sketch before my birthday weekend begins.

I think next time, I'll make the font more dream like and spirally, like smoke. Better suits Luna's voice and personality.
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In the middle of last night's dream, I turn to my companions and ask if this is a dream. They respond by looking at me like I am crazy. I try to say something in Korean and don't understand what I said. I take that as confirmation I am in fact dreaming. Smug with satisfaction of knowledge, I am ready to continue the dream. Instead, I get one last look at my companions, looks of disappointment in return, before I awake.
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I'm not the first, nor will I be the last. I've started drawing on lunch bags. We have a stash of them leftover from some event. Since we are still unpacking, I am using them to pack Jonathan's lunch. He already receives grief from a coworker for having a wife who packs his lunch everyday. I can only imagine the grief Jonathan will receive now that he is going into work with drawings on his lunch bag.

These types of sketches take me maybe 30 seconds to draw, so they aren't terribly good. It's suppose to be a laughing face, I swear.

Right after I finished drawing and inking, still fresh with Sharpie fumes.

In action and stuffed full of lunch goodies.
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1. Age. A person of every age between 1 and 100.

(My favourites are 15, 44, 89, 91, and, of course, 100.)

I could write a rather long entry on my impression, and love of this video. But I will let you make your own.

Safe for work, there is a drum involved, though.


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