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I'm the only one who keep confusing that teacher from the television series, Glee, with the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, aren't I?
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This might be the project to force me to get over my (irrational) fear of sewing machines. I'll add this project to the list of "After the move" projects I want to start, but shouldn't, because my time is better spent packing for the move.



My brother-in-law's wedding is in two weeks. I'm contemplating braiding my hair using this tutorial. It's a daytime, outdoor wedding by a lake in Florida. I need some sort of style that doesn't involve my hair being down. Unless I want to be more sweat than guest at this wedding.

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* Received confirmation yesterday that my job, will in fact, end come sometime in March 2012. Not taking it personal, apparently there will be no grants given in 2012.

* We are also apartment hunting. After two years of duplex living I have learned that apartment living is a better fit for me. Plus, kind of tired of living in a place that develops a weird mold every time the temperature dips below 75 F, which probably has something to do with the fact our floors are exposed to the elements.

* And my father still has brain cancer.
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* Learn how to spin yarn using a drop spindle.

* Knit and crochet through yarn stash.

* Finish writing novel.

* Hoop more.

* Learn how to play chess.

* Be more social with friends and family.

* Play the violin more.

Here's to 2012 being the year of awesome. May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Happy New Year, everybody! See you in 2012!


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