Feb. 16th, 2011

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* New blog entry up at Operation: Become Amazon Goddess: "Stop me if you've heard this one, Athlete's Foot, a Stress Knot and a Prodigal runner walk into a bar...". Spoiler alert, I watched too many underdog triumphs films in the 80s.


* You know what would be awesome? If I lived in a city with a Japanese/French fusion bakery, so I only had to go to one place for all of my Melon Pan and Macaroon needs.

Melon pan is this delicious Japanese bread that is made by wrapping a ball of bread dough with a semi circle of sugar cookie dough and then baking it.

Macaroons are, well, a sign that there is intelligent life on this planet because you need a doctorate degree in chemistry in order to pull this shit off at home.

The sick sad thing? I have never eaten either one of these delicacies. But I have spent a better part of this century obsessing over the day I will get to eat them. It's hit a point where I am a little frightened of reaching my goal, like Mulder finally finding out The Truth.

Jonathan is the baker in this family. I might have to beg him to make me some Melon Pan. As for the macaroons? Well, I really want my first time to be special. And if high school virginity movies taught me anything, that involves paying a professional. I'll either track down a French bakery in town or fly to France.

*Oh, and here is the best Youtube channel. I'm not even going to let the other ones finish.

Cooking with Dog: It's Not What You Think is brilliant. It's hosted by a french poodle who looks on with an air of boredom that only a French poodle can pull off while an adorable Japanese woman demonstrates how simple it is to make Japanese foods.

Just trust me on this. And don't watch it if you are hungry!


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