Feb. 1st, 2011

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Today is Hourly Comic Day! Draw a comic chronicling (really spell check, that is how chronicling is spelled? If you say so.) every hour of your day today. When you are done, you can post your comic over at the forum on Hourly Comics.


This is the first Hourly Comic Day I have been aware of before it takes place. Usually, I remember the next day, and while it takes a while for people to post their comics, I felt weird hoping onto the train so late.

It's my first year participating. I'm a little nervous. A lot of people who participate are professionals and thus their talents dwarf my pathetic half assed attempt at drawing significantly.

Right now, I am in a weird state emotionally thanks to HCD. It's been forever since I've picked up a pencil to draw, and today I decide to document the entire day in comic form. A bit like deciding to run a marathon when you haven't gone for a jog in weeks. So I feel excited to be drawing, but mad at how crap I am at drawing, then ashamed because my drawing is crap due to lack of practice and who do I have to blame for that? Yeah, me.

I'm going to use today as a spring board back into daily drawing. I read a book about writing that suggested for the days you don't write, you have to sit down and write a minimum 250 word excuse as to why you didn't have time to write that day. The logic being, if you are taking the time to write out your excuses, you might as well just write whatever you were working on anyway.

I want to apply a similar application to drawing. On the days when I don't take time to draw, I have to draw a comic explaining why I didn't have time to draw that day.

I don't want to be the best writer or the best comic artist out there. But I do want to be the best writer and best comic artist I am capable of being. Does that make sense?


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